Love Is My Agenda

There is a lot of talk about agendas these days, and I have had my fair share of discussions with people who have told me that my work supports the gay agenda.

I always respond to these people the same way:

“The only agenda I have is love. Love is my agenda.”

I have spent the last five years of my life sharing messages of love through my illustrated likeness,Kathryn the Grape.  I am a messenger of love, and I believe that all of us are naturally messengers of love… if we choose to be.

I believe that through mindfully shifting our awareness to love, and only love, we create peace within ourselves, and ripple loving and healing energy to others.  I believe that when we shed fear-based beliefs, we provide ourselves with the freedom to be naturally accepting, inclusive, and compassionate to all beings.  I believe these things to be true because I have experienced them in my own life.

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