Lesbians Take Over The Mainstream

Rap, SNL, and the Oscars get a lesbian makeover.

Young M.A. breaks into mainstream hip hop

If you don’t know who Young M.A. is, you should: she is the first openly gay rapper to break into mainstream Hip Hop. Male or Female. She opened for Beyonce and turned down an offer to act in Empire. Her single “OOOUUU” hit  No. 3 on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart, making  M.A was the first female solo artist to land on the chart in 2017. “OOOUUU” is currently sitting pretty at number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100, which encompasses all genres. The out rapper is on the cover of Fader this month, so read the article and check out the video for “OOOUUU” to fully grasp how big Young M.A. is, and how much bigger she’s about to be.


Kristen Stewart made the gayest SNL ever

If you haven’t seen last Saturday night’s SNL, I don’t know what moistened toadstool you’ve been hiding under, but it was a borderline iconic moment for gay women. Kristen Stewart, not known for her ability to grease the crowd, killed. I mean, killed. She also said “I’m like so gay” in her opening monologue. This is the first time she’s publicly called herself gay, and a massive deal when you think of how many people in the world watched SNL and saw a real life lesbian movie star host.


Then there’s the Totinos skit. The Totinos skit was (and I cannot stress how rarely I use this word) brilliant. The skit skewered every melodramatic movie about star-crossed lesbian lovers you’ve endured with such dexterity and humor that I rewound the damn thing and watched Totinos again. I mean, wow. As someone who just created a show about gay people making fun of gay people, it is so rewarding to see this concept done well.

Kristen Stewart is now my favorite actress. I also enjoyed her weird little vocal tics, particularly when she lapsed into faux Valley-Girl. I get the feeling that’s how she jokes around and was trying to be herself without shutting down. Adorable.


Eva Green, Gemma Arterton will star in Virginia Woolf romance


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Eva Green will play Virginia Woolf opposite Gemma Arteron in Vita & Virginia, an upcoming film about the relationship between novelist Virginia Woolf and socialite Vita Sackville-West. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

“The film will be directed by British helmer Chanya Button (Burn, Burn, Burn) from a script by Eileen Atkins based on her own play of the same name, which debuted in 1992.

Virginia Stephen married Leonard Woolf in 1912, and then met socialite and author Vita Sackville-West, wife of Harold Nicolson, in 1922. They began a sexual relationship that lasted nearly a decade, as shown in their various letters and diary entries. After their affair ended, they remained friends until Woolf’s death in 1941. Green will play Woolf while Arterton will play Sackville-West.”

Hmmm. Straight actresses playing two women married to men having an affair.  I know this is historical and British, and therefore automatically superior, but even my affection for Virginia Woolf cannot hide the simple truth that we have seen this trope many, many times before. I’m torn. I want to like this movie, but I fear that in the sole hands of straight people, this love story will fall into unbearable cliche and melodrama. I shall strive for cautious optimism.


Megan Rapinoe doesn’t make the cut for U.S. Soccer roster

Rapinoe didn’t make the cut to play for the U.S. Soccer Team next month. Since tearing her ACL in 2015, Rapinoe has struggled to reclaim her former glory. Apparently Rapinoe’s performance at a training camp last month did not merit an invitation to the prestigious international tournament in March…


Tegan and Sara call out Juno Awards for ignoring women



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Tegan and Sara were nominated for three Juno Awards aka Canadian Grammys. In a statement, the duo politely reamed the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences the enormous gender disparity in their nominations. The way Tegan and Sara gently chide the academy is so deliciously Canadian I think I have to republish some of it here. From the statement

“It is with tremendous respect and absolutely no judgment of each nominee’s well-deserved accomplishments that we take this moment to address the disappointing number of women nominated in many of the various categories. In 8 categories no women were recognized at all, and in over 12 additional categories, only 1 in 5 of the nominees included a woman. Specifically in the areas of production and engineering, it is discouraging to not see a single woman represented. We bring this message to members of our industry who have tremendous power to sign, fund, promote, nominate, support, acknowledge, and celebrate the diverse population of our country working in the arts today. The demographic breakdown of Juno nominations reflects the structural confines of our society and industry. We must do better as it sends an outdated message to the next generation about whose art and voice and message is valuable.”


Cameron Esposito raised thousands for trans lifeline after Mike Huckabee's awful tweet


We are so close to $15k in 24hrs for @translifeline. Donation link in my bio! UPDATE: we're just $100 away from $15k. C'MON NOW!

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After Huckabee made a transphobic joke on Twitter, Esposito rallied her followers to help fundraise for Trans Lifeline. As of today, they’ve raised over 29,000 for the support network. You can still donate here 


Kate McKinnon is Ms. Frizzle and presenting at the Oscars

In a fabulous twist of casting, Kate McKinnon will play Ms. Frizzle in Netflix’s Magic Schoolbus Rides Again. She’s also scheduled to present at the2017 Oscars


Evan Rachel Wood delivers moving speech on visibility


#HRC North Carolina Gala. #dolceandgabbana @samanthamcmillen_stylist #speeches

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At an HRC event in North Carolina, Evan Rachel Wood made a powerful speech about why visibility matters.


Wanda Sykes is in the SNATCHED trailer


I love all of these actresses and think this is a fantastic Mother’s Day movie.


Two Vanderpump Rules stars drunkenly made out and Radar is calling it a lesbian hookup

For the 800000000000000th time, IT IS NOT A LESBIAN HOOKUP IF IT INVOLVES STRAIGHT WOMEN. Why do I bother? Why.


This woman thinks lesbian porn is harming actual lesbians

I just think it’s bad.


Fans turned on Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui after she called the Super Bowl a distraction

Don’t fuck with people’s football they get real mean real quick. Lauren, who is very turnt about America being run by evil fascists and whatnot, made an Instagram post that referred to the Super Bowl as a distraction. Backlash flew, and it was not entirely unfounded. People made the valid point that no one can be mad 24 hours a day and we need to find joy where we can. Lauren apologized. All good.


Caitlin Stasey makes me almost want Snapchat

It’s not that she’s so utterly comfortable with her body, queer, feminist, talented, and bold. It’s that she’s freaking funny and trolls the internet in a manner that verges on performance art.


Sarah Paulson to star in serial-killer film 'Lost Girls'

The Amazon movie will center on a woman who, while searching for her missing daughter in upstate New York, stumbles upon the bodies of four missing girls.


Lesbos locals lose lesbian appeal

Greeks from the Isle of Lesbos filed a legal suit to stop gay women from identifying as lesbians. They felt it was an insult and a disgrace to their identity. They lost. Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaa. Punk ass bitches.


Steamy sex positions for lesbians

Why not.


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