Laura Tapp: “Alan Carr mistook me for P!nk!”

The tribute artist and singer-songwriter will be performing at the Radio DIVA Women’s Stage this Pride in London.


P!nk is idolised by queer women worldwide, but by none more so than talented tribute artist and singer-songwriter Laura Tapp. We can't wait for Laura, aka the UK's Number 1 P!nk Tribute Act, to Get The Party Started at the Radio DIVA Women's Stage at Pride in London. We caught up with her to find out more.


DIVA: For those of us who haven't seen you before, what can we expect?

LAURA TAPP: When I started out as a P!nk Tribute Artist, it was really important to me that I captured the essence of P!nk herself. I studied her mannerisms, her accent and her quirky personality relentlessly because I wanted to make sure I did her justice and that her fans walk away thinking, "Yeah, not bad". So I hope DIVA readers will see that my show is more than me singing P!nk songs.


When did you realise you were a dead ringer for P!nk?

I have always been a musician and a singer, and someone once told me I should try doing a P!nk tribute show because of my likeness to her. So I did and I've never looked back. It's so much fun, and people really get into it. I love the feeling when the audience is rocking out with you and singing along. 


Have you ever been mistaken for Pink in your everyday life?

People often do a double take, and I get told I look like her a lot. The comedian Alan Carr told me he thought I was P!nk when we were at the British LGBT Awards.


Wow, what a compliment! Why do you think P!nk is such an icon for gay and bi women?

P!nk is such a great ambassador for the gay community. She's independent, outspoken, successful, and rose above adversity when her fellow female competition in the industry were your stereotypical "attractive" female celebrity. She's just bad ass and incredibly inspiring.


Agreed! What's your favourite P!nk song to perform and why?

I love to perform her acoustic versions of some of her tracks. Being a guitar player as well, I like in incorporate that into the show (sadly not at Pride) so I love performing Dear Mr. President live on the guitar. It's such an iconic and important song too.


Do you perform as yourself as well?

I do perform as myself. My music is also mainstream but has more of an acoustic folk feel to it. I'm currently writing some new material so watch this space.


Lastly, we can't wait to see you at the Radio DIVA Women's Stage. Do you remember the first time you went to Pride?

When I first went to Pride, I was a lot younger then. But I always said that I would perform at Pride in London as a must-do on my bucket list. I'm so thrilled to finally be on that stage.


You can see Laura perform as P!nk at the Radio DIVA Women's Stage at Pride in London, in Leicester Square on Saturday 8 July.


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