In stitches at Stonewall’s Stand Up Sessions

DIVA teams up with Stonewall to provide a night of lady-loving laughter 😂


Held at London's intimate central spot The Comedy Store, last night saw queer bodies-a-plenty file into the warm and welcoming venue ready for a night of serious lols. 


The DIVA team were there to chat to readers, tell people all about the upcoming DIVA Music Festival – and experience strong feelings of shirt envy.



Kicked off by host for the evening, Suzi Ruffel, those familiar with her work will know the maelstrom of comic energy that characterises her performances.


With her wonderfully interactive comedy, no one in the audience was safe – especially those analysts in the crowd. Welcoming us into the world of lesbian agendas queer in-jokes a-plenty, Suzi got the night off to a leztastic start.


Each of the performers on the line up were immensely talented – never failing to leave the audience in stitches through their diverse styles of comedy.


From Suzi, we moved swiftly into Sarah Keyworth’s awkward and hilarious style as she reflected on her experiences as a young lesbian, and from there we delved into Sophie Duker’s traumatic experiences with the Uber app and her most recent driver, "Daddy…"



No topic wasn’t up for grabs. Jen Brister talked hormones and mothers, while it's now impossible to unsee the window that Rosie Jones gave us onto her deepest sexual fantasies…


The varied pace of performances also kept the audience on their toes. Twayna Mayne’s understated comedy got "weird at the end", and Heidi Regan’s bizarre and carefully developed brand of humour took us into murder mystery and other fictional landscapes…


The night showed no signs of letting up by the time we got to final performer, Bethany Black, who took the discussion to sex, porn, autism, ADHD, and trans culture. Basically – all great stuff.



The charitable focus of the evening made for a wonderfully comfortable, receptive atmosphere with a great energy between audience and performers.


I still haven’t had my email saying that I won the Stonewall raffle that evening, but in a way – if you made it along to the event, you won. More please.



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