Join The Kickstart Campaign For The Lesbian Short Thriller HIDDEN


HIDDEN co-writer/director Kym O’Brien believes it’s important to see lesbian representation in the thriller/horror genre

Bobbie and Jess embark on a romantic weekend to a secluded bush cabin. Away from their busy city lives they take pleasure in their isolation, but are they really as alone as they believe to be? Strange things begin to occur and the women can’t seem to shake the feeling they have some unwanted company.

18 Maiden Lane Productions is a Queer filmmaking collective to produce authentic and entertaining stories, through a female lense, while also raising the voices of underrepresented artists including LGBTQIA+, disabled and POC/CALD folk. 18 Maiden Lane Productions is also committed to gender parity across all projects, with female-identifying people making up at least 50% of all cast and crew.

“As a big fan of horror and thriller and a queer woman, I rarely see myself represented in this genre. There is a big a gap in the market for Queer centred thrillers so really this project is a combination of two of my passions”.

Co-writer/director, Jacqueline Tooley is excited to film in the Victoria Alpine region, as both a place of extreme beauty and unsettling isolation;

“I grew up in the area and it is the perfect place to film a thriller! Aside from the obvious beauty and ruggedness of the region, the bush is so dense that you really can’t know everything that is out there. You never know who or what might be lurking in the trees.”

Jacqueline and Kym have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5000 for production costs associated with filming, with rewards ranging from a custom designed t-shirt to a credit in the film.

“The costs involved with filming on location aren’t small – we have to hire the location, equipment, transport actors up the mountain, the list goes on”, says Kym.

“There’s an awful culture of actors being expected to work for free. We are wholeheartedly committed to paying all of our artists on all projects, and our Kickstarter campaign will ensure that we can achieve this”, continues Jacqueline.