LES Make It Happen!

Lower East Side Film Festival begins June 11th with a fierce lineup of films and star-studded judge’s panel.

Laverne Cox! Parker Posey! Rachel Horovitz! And that’s just naming a few of the amazing celebrity judges that will be in attendance at this year’s L.E.S. Film Festival in NYC.

The L.E.S. Film Fest celebrates the innovative side of low-budget filmmaking and gives the artist the chance to showcase their work to the masses in a way that feels like a complete Hollywood event. The fest showcases films in a variety of categories ranging from features and shorts, to documentaries and foreign films, to animation and web series.

An array of eclectic artistic collaboration can be seen by viewers who make the trek to the lower east side of Manhattan in mid-June which are, of course, followed by different types of glam parties.

Speaking of different types of glam parties, the film festival is playing host to a variation of themed evenings with screenings that follow that particular genre. I’m sure the one that would tickle our reader’s fancy would be the Ladies Night the LES Fest is having on June 15th which includes films made by women for women!

Films included are: Blood and Water, Bloody Mary, Dad in Mum, Ladylike, This is She and Truckin’. Tickets are $12.50 on EventBrite for women and 12% more for men for acknowledgement of the wage gap (bravo ladies, bravo).

Along with Ladies Night the LES Film Festival offers a Meatball Night (not kidding), Gay Night Rooftop Pool Party, Mind F*ck Night, Doc Night, The Secret Beer Garden and so on; I think you get the picture (pun intended). This is a film festival that you haven’t experienced until you’ve experienced it.

The festival runs from June 11th through the 21st and tickets are going fast.