The Dinah Makes Jeopardy Debut; Celebrating 30 Years!

Mariah Hanson

Celebrating 30 years as the reigning all-girl music festival in the world, Alex Trebek’s Jeopardy unwittingly ensures The Dinah’s place in the canon of pop culture

Celebrating 30 years as the largest all-girl music festival in the world, the famous Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is thrilled to bring you their biggest event yet in 2020.

Ring in a new century with amazing musical performances, comedy shows, pool parties, nighttime soirees, celebrity meet and greets, contests, DJ Battles, fun and games, and so much more.

After three decades of this iconic event, The Dinah has finally made it into the canon of pop culture with their recent inclusion on Jeopardy, who asked: “Natasha Bedingfield and Pat Benatar have headlined the female-friendly Palm Springs festival named for this late TV star.”

“Alex, for $1000, what is that female-friendly festival?! The Dinah!”

Named for Dinah Shore, iconic singer, actress, and golf fan, The Dinah has evolved from an annual gathering of women whose primary desert interest was golf, to the most fabulous celebration of female empowerment, visibility, and unity, where “female-friendly” could be seen as an understatement! However, Alex, we love how you have inadvertently changed the LGBT lexicon!


After 30 years, The Dinah is as strong an event as its ever been. In an industry where festivals come and go, where men control the narrative and the platform, The Dinah stands as a beacon of light for what women can achieve together when we embrace the paradigm of teamwork and inclusivity.

The Dinah team embodies a relentless commitment to creating a women-centric space whose message is simply all women are valued, heard, celebrated and inspiring. We strive to create a collective vision of women that embodies an unapologetic determination to live life on our terms.

Our customers leave changed for the better because of it. The Dinah’s uplifting messaging touches lives long after the last song has played.” – Mariah Hanson, Founder, Producer and CEO

The Dinah has grown into a globally celebrated festival, famous for picking the next big thing in music. Founder and producer Mariah Hanson has year after year tapped the most promising up and coming talent that have gone on to become world-renowned performers and recording artists.

Top 10 Billboard charting singer and rapper Lizzo, who graced The Dinah stage in 2017, is one of the most notable recent superstar transformations. The Dinah celebrated her body-positive message with throngs of women who identified with a new lexicon, free from the constraints the patriarchal music industry has imposed upon female artists.

There’s a particular pride we have in sponsoring The Dinah every year, but especially so this year as the groundbreaking event turns 30. Much has changed and evolved in the last 3 decades. We’ve all come of age, so to speak, as a community and The Dinah has played a fundamental role in that evolution. What we used to hide collectively, we now celebrate openly…and en masse. The Dinah has consistently provided a safe space to do so for thousands of women and for businesses, like OML, that have continued to flourish because of it.” – Shirin Papillon, Founder, One More Lesbian

Just three years later, we see Lizzo nominated for eight Grammy’s in 2020, proving The Dinah once again to be a legendary platform for superstars just before they break.

Other past Dinah performers include Tegan and Sara, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bebe Rexha, Snow Tha Product, Jessie Reyes, Meghan Trainor, Iggy Azalea, Eve, Chaka Khan, Salt ‘N Pepa, Christina Perri, Natasha Bedingfield, and so many more. Talent announcements for 2020 will be coming soon and you won’t want to miss this year! Visit for updates and info.

The official Dinah Shore Weekend only takes place in Palm Springs, California and has become a beacon of diversity for the city, which awarded Hanson a key to the city for all the work she has done for the community.

Not just a party, The Dinah’s aim is to provide a safe space for all womxn to express their true authentic selves, feel confident in their own skin, and connect with other people from around the world in a communal sense of love and empowerment. You’ll find people of all different backgrounds, races, creeds, shapes, ages, and everything in between coming together to create a palpable sense of acceptance and unity while having the most memorable weekend of their lives.

Hanson has also used the platform of this event to give back to the community, having done work with organizations such as NCLR, The San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Community Center, GLAAD, HRC and so many more.

Mariah is a cultural icon for our community and has made being a lesbian fun, hot and bangin. She is also a really great human with a huge heart and passion for justice.”
– Kate Kendall, former Executive Director of The National Center for Lesbian Rights

The Dinah 1-5 April 2020, Palm Springs

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