Karen From Finance Makeup Tips

Karen From Finance

10 tips to make your look work for you and not the other way round.

1. What’s your favourite daytime makeup look?

I never like my daytime makeup to be too simple. You honestly never know when HR will want to update ID cards, or a delicious delivery man drops off the latest stationary order.

You’ve always got to be alert and ready, even if it’s something as simple as BB cream and a dusting of peach glitter.


2. What’s your favourite night-time makeup look?

Oh sweet glorious glam! ‘More is more’ is my mantra.

The essentials for a perfect evening look are a contour so chiselled you could carve through stone and a winged liner so on-fleek you could take off at any moment!


3. You are caught off guard with no makeup at the office before a hot date – what office supplies do you use to improvise your look?

Darling, the office is just overflowing with options to get out of (or in to) a bind.

My go-to is a pink highlighter on the eyelids and a red whiteboard marker to the lips. Pair that with a full-bodied hair-do with a little tease courtesy of the spork (I say spork because all offices are running low on forks.!) Easy peezy!



4. In one elevator ride you have to take your makeup from day to night. What do you do?

I usually always have a left-over sandwich in my handbag. A single slice of beetroot can go a long way – just a few quick slaps to the cheeks and a swift swipe across the mouth and you’re good to go.

5. Any tips on making your look last 24hours?

Setting spray is key! However, a great office staple alternative to setting spray is Mortein, or any standard workplace bug spray. Treat it like a perfume and make sure that you spray it in front of you and walk through it.

CAUTION: Don’t spray directly onto your face or you will end up itching all your make-up off. I learned that one the hard way!

6. Do you think makeup, clothing or accessories is the key to making an easy switch between day and night?

No night time look is complete without a lavish outfit, but then again, I’d never leave the house without perfect makeup or a vivacious pair of earrings to frame the face.

I’m frankly quite shocked you even considered asking me to narrow it down to one or the other.

7. Some say for the office, less is more but you’re look is more is more – why is it important to do away with out-dated norms? 

I have no idea who originally said that, but oh my word were they wrong.

Had a bad day? Cover those sorrows with a good concealer and bold lip.

Had an amazing day? Make it even better by adding some glitter.

There’s no life problem a quick touch up can’t fix. The more the better I say!

8. Are there any items of clothing you find particularly difficult to perform your ‘office’ duties in and how do you get around this?

I’m a practical girl that only wears my heels to and from work, and the toilet. At all other times, I wear my sensible plain-white New Balance sneakers. Apart from that I’m very strict about wearing a full corporate get-up at all times.

You know what they say, fake it until you make it!

9. Finance is often falsely stereotyped as beige – how does one inject a little ‘Karen’ into their everyday no matter what industry they’re working in?

It’s the little things that can turn your day from drab to fab. I like to keep the office fresh and fun by surprising my colleagues with really fun and unexpected surprises like coloured post it notes and Disney printed tissue boxes. It’s the little touches that make a difference.

10. Powdering your nose, dry shampoo, a pocket perfume… What ‘office quickies’ do you swear by for keeping your look fresh throughout the day?

Dry Shampoo? Pocket Perfume? I’m starting to think that perhaps I have a different idea of what an ‘office quickie’ is…