Clothing Company Dapper Boi Turns To Crowdsourcing

To ensure funds never run out, the company has completely changed the business model.

Last year, Vicky and Charisse Pasche launched a Kickstarter and began the journey of creating a clothing line of custom fit jeans.  Dapper Boi is about making people feel good in the skin they are in and with the growing popularity of gender neutral fashion, it is only a matter of time before this niche is offered in mainstream retail. Dapper Boi would like to be the pioneer that sees this happen.

With a mission to create denim that not only looks good and provides functionality but also provide jeans that fit every BODY, Dapper Boi raised over $26,000 through the campaign. This money allowed the company to take their first slim-straight jeans into production.

A little over a year later, Dapper Boi is just about sold out of the first production of jeans. With growing popularity and some customers already purchasing their 2nd and 3rd pair of jeans,  Dapper Boi needs consistent cash flow.

Vicky and Charisse have decided to completely change their business model to ensure there are funds to invest in additional productions and products.

In order for the company to build some traction, test the market, and produce the collections faster, Dapper Boi has decided to turn to crowdsourcing through the official website, launching a product every month for 3 weeks, at wholesale pricing.

To learn more about how Dapper Boi’s Crowdsourcing works, watch the video below.

Currently, for every pair of jeans sold from Dapper Boi’s latest campaign, the company will donate $4.99 to families of the Orlando victims.

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