Free Legal Handbook For LGBT Florida Families


Equality Florida Institute is providing an electronic version of the Legal Handbook for LGBT Floridians and Their Families free of charge on their website.

With LGBT rights rapidly progressing but varying state by state, Equality Florida has releaed a valuable resource free of charge that explains where the state’s LGBTs are now in the eyes of the law.

Recently updated, the 76-page resource was a pro bono project of the law firm Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, in cooperation with Equality Florida Institute.

The latest edition of the handbook contains information and pointers on the very best ways LGBT Floridians can legally protect themselves and their families.

Legal Handbook Included is critical information about the importance of long-term planning related to health, family and financial considerations, and why taking steps to protect one’s family is so critical, especially for LGBT Floridians.

Many legal issues are addressed, including the implications of the Windsor decision, the current state of LGBT adoption, elder law, hate crimes, domestic partnership registries and what legal protections exist under Florida law.

 “Discriminatory laws and the lack of legal protections impose hardships and complicate ordinary life for LGBT Floridians,” says Nadine Smith, CEO of Equality Florida. “This vital resource is important for LGBT Floridians to understand how to protect themselves and their loved ones under the laws that currently exist.”

While the legal landscape is fast changing, LGBT individuals are also encouraged to consult actual legal counsel on specific matters.

Download the handbook at: