Fire On The Ice By Tamsen Parker

Review - Fire On The Ice

A hot lesbian erotic romance

Maisy Harper is not the kind of girl who hangs around in bars at home or on the road. Everyone knows she’s totally closed off, earning the figure skater the title of Canada’s Ice Princess. And yet, it’s the beginning of the Snow and Ice Games and she’s sitting at the bar in the athletes’ village because if luck is with her, she’ll run into Blaze Bellamy, the bad girl of the US short track speed skating team. Four years prior at the last SIGs, Maisy and Blaze burned up the sheets and Maisy is more than ready for a do-over.

Blaze is delighted to see Maisy at the bar because she’s equally as interested in that do-over. And while Blaze has never been one for monogamy, with her adventures in the bedroom including both women and men, she’s more than happy to accept Maisy’s rule that for the three weeks of the SIGs, they’ll be each other’s only sexual partners. Blaze has been dreaming about their fling at the last SIGs too, so three weeks of as much Maisy as she can handle? Total no-brainer. Especially since Maisy is more passionate than anyone would ever guess.

Their renewed affair is hotter than either woman could have hoped, with the mild and modest Maisy topping Blaze much of the time they spend together. And while both women have competitions to prep for, they gravitate towards each other as often as they’re able. Maisy wants to stay out of the spotlight and let her hard work speak for itself, while any publicity is good publicity to Blaze. Can Blaze’s desire to be in the public eye stop the good thing they get going?

Fire on the Ice is one of the most scorching erotic romances out there featuring women who love other women, and so much of it is because of the two leads. Maisy is as polite as Canadians get, and she keeps her head down while working hard for a medal she’s never received before. Everyone thinks of her as an ice queen because no one gets to see the real Maisy—her vulnerabilities, her fears, her passion—and Blaze is the only person who takes the time to truly see her. In total contrast to Maisy, Blaze thrives on attention, living by the motto “If I can’t be victorious, I’d like to be notorious.” She’s every roller derby fantasy girl rolled into one, and is constantly seeking the next thrill whether it’s in the bedroom or doing something that will land her in a tabloid (or even occasionally an overlap of the two).

In a move that’s refreshing, neither woman’s arc is about becoming more or less than who she is, as much as it’s about determining if they can each fit into each other’s lives just as they are, knowing that change will come naturally from that. For example, we get to see the real woman behind Maisy’s ice queen persona, rather than watch her thaw. Parker lets us understand why Maisy is guarded and we’re given the same gift that Blaze receives because we get to see who she really is. Any change Maisy experiences might be a result of having Blaze in her life, but all of Maisy’s growth benefits her as an individual and isn’t about reshaping her to suit their relationship.

Maisy and Blaze’s chemistry crackles from their first meeting in the bar, and it only gets better and better. Although Blaze’s larger than life personality would make her an obvious choice as the dominant in the bedroom, it’s actually Maisy who controls many of their encounters, garnering compliance from Blaze that it’s hard to imagine her giving to anyone other than Maisy. And while Maisy has dated or slept with far fewer people than Blaze, she also never judges Blaze for her sexual history or for being polyamorous. Between Blaze’s polyamory and bisexuality, and Maisy’s ice queen persona—which can be, and is by some in the story, interpreted as prudishness—there were plenty of opportunities for sex negativity or shaming. Thankfully they never happened, and it was clear that Tamsen Parker set out to deliver a romance between women that celebrates sex—and does it ever! Also, because Blaze and Maisy are always true to themselves while still honoring each other, their happily ever after is just perfect for them, even if it may not be what regular romance readers are used to seeing.

While there’s some excellent lesbian erotic romance available, it can be difficult to know how to find it. Fire on the Ice is hands down one of the best because it has it all—main characters who are as interesting and compelling as they are sexy, excellent pacing, gripping scenes as Maisy and Blaze compete for their medals, and a number of sex scenes that are beyond hot and all of which drive the romance along. If you’ve been looking for your next great erotic read, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

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