Afraid To Come Out?

Gay Pride is the Perfect time to BUST OUT of that Closet Baby!

Gay pride month is finally here–(Yippee!)  Yes, it’s that time of year to CELEBRATE your Inner Gay Pride! AND if you are still confused or hiding your sexuality, NOW is the PERFECT time to BUST OUT of that dark, dreary closet and be free to have some dog-gone, wild fun in your life!

Even though anytime is a good time to come out, during Gay Pride month there are so many great events and parties to make the process a bit easier–and dare I say–FUN!

Coming out, especially today, shouldn’t be such a feared thing–but actually a CELEBRATION! Although it may not be easy at first– it’s time to move forward and get past your fears so you can focus on other aspects of your life, like developing your self-confidence and focusing on all your other goals–like maybe having your first same-sex kiss or even sexual encounter– (Double Yippee!)

Being gay only makes up a small part of who we are–but it can be all-consuming if we feel shame about it and hide it to either the outside world–or even worse, within ourselves. It’s just not healthy to remain hidden, and It’s not being fair to yourself or to others. It’s truly toxic to the soul.

When we use up all our energy in self-hatred or denial we are wasting all our good energy that could be put toward better things. We also compromise all the wonderful things we can offer to the world and to those we love — or will love one day.

Gay Pride is when we can toss away the guilt and shame and replace it with Happiness and Pride (while sporting a brand new rainbow t-shirt!) It’s extremely important to take the time to work through your sexuality and to find your true self and identity, and the person you need to convince most of all that it will be OK is –YOU! Be sure to seek counseling if needed. YOU will not only be OK –but you will be GREAT! Because you are finally FREE, and this is where your inner GAY PRIDE can begin to grow and flourish!

When you know in your heart the truth, when you finally discover it–it is so beautifully freeing and there is no longer a need to fight it. After finally accepting who you really are– its now time to enjoy it! Self discovery is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself–and others. If people don’t like your truth it’s really a shame–a shame for THEM that is.

Perhaps they envy that YOU have found your truth and were brave enough to be honest about it and live it–something perhaps they were never able to do with certain aspects of their lives. Whatever the reason for others NOT accepting YOUR TRUTH is NOT important. But what IS important is that YOU feel PRIDE WITHIN YOURSELF–and Self-Pride can only be acquired through personal Honesty–a lot of Courage and some inner TLC.

I say to those of ALL ages who are struggling with their sexuality or identity– “Now is the time to get out there and find YOUR GAY PRIDE!”  Have the courage and strength to LIVE YOUR TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR for once and for all! Trust me– the Good Times are awaiting you and YOU deserve it!  It’s time to stop your worrying and GO, GO, GO and hitch a ride on that Gay Pride Float baby! Don’t let another GAY PARTY OR EVENT pass you by! Hey, you may even find that person you’ve been dreaming about on the back seat of that float–and be sure to kiss them for us (Triple Yippppeeeee!) Just tell them Curve Mag. made you do it! You can thank us (or blame us) later.

*Here’s some Helpful COMING OUT resources to help BUST YOU OUT!: