Make The Right Decision About Your Sperm Donor!


How much information is right for you?

Choosing to use a sperm donor is a big decision and there are important things to consider when selecting the donor. The big question is how much information about the donor you want to have.

There are different types of sperm donor profiles

When searching for the right sperm donor you need to think about how many personal details you want to know about the sperm donor. Cryos International is the world’s largest sperm bank and offers two different kinds of donor profiles: A Basic profile and an Extended profile. The difference between the two is the degree of information available about the sperm donor.

For you, who want very little information about the donor…

Choose a sperm donor with a Basic profile. This type of profile only provides information on race, ethnicity, eye and hair colour, height, weight, blood type and usually profession/education. Therefore, you don’t get much personal information about the donor since only physical features are offered. With the provided physical characteristics, you must think about how important it is for you that your child resembles you and/or your partner? Or if there is a “look” that you are attracted to? The choice is both highly individual and complex. Only you know the right choice for you.

For you, who want a lot of information about the donor…

Choose a sperm donor with an Extended profile. In addition to the information about the physical characteristics, the sperm donors with an Extended profile have up to 5-6 pages of personal information on the sperm donor’s background, education, EQ profile, family background, interests, talents and hobbies. You can also read about the staff’s impression, look at childhood photos of the sperm donor, read a handwritten letter from the donor, and listen to a sound recording of the sperm donor’s voice. Some studies show that interests or talents may be linked to genetics, but there is little evidence of this. You might want to think about these personal characteristics as small indicators of the donor’s competence, drive or skills. Consider what is important to you. What would fit you, your life and your family? Of course, this is not about fashioning “designer” babies. It is a personal choice and it is about creating a new little member of your family.

For you, who can’t decide…

Visit the donor search and look around. Read a couple of different donor profiles and think about what feels right for you. With many sperm banks you must pay a fee to get information about the donors. With Cryos this is free of charge. This means that you have all the information available for you to choose from and plenty of time to decide.

Cryos International is the world’s largest sperm bank.

Their 30 years of experience has resulted in more than 800 donors who are all helping to achieve Cryos’ vision “To help the childless make their dream come true”. With customers and delivery to more than 100 countries across the world, they do not just take pride in having the most donors, but also the widest selection of donors as well as free of charge access to their online donor search. This expansive donor base, has allowed Cryos to help countless single women as well as lesbian and heterosexual couples in their pursuit of building a family. In fact, Cryos has over the years reached the highest number of registered donor sperm pregnancies in the world.