Lesflicks Promotes Films That Show Women Loving Women On Screen

Naomi Bennett
Lesflick founder Naomi Bennett

Lesflicks launched on 1 March 2019 because founder Naomi Bennett was tired of seeing so many great films with lesbian and bisexual storylines that either weren’t getting distribution, or even with distribution just weren’t reaching their intended audience.

“I was constantly seeing women on social media asking for recommendations of where to find films and what to watch, and most of the recommendations and suggestions were the usual list of 90s films such as Better than Chocolate, Imagine Me and You and I Can’t Think Straight. Of course, Carol always gets a mention because any film with an $11.5m budget and Cate Blanchett is guaranteed to be well-promoted and reach even hard to target audiences like us!” says founder Naomi

Yet the clear message from the industry is that there isn’t an audience for lesbian films, and filmmakers can’t get funding to make these films.

If they get funding, they often struggle to get distribution. Even with distribution, they often don’t get many cinema screenings. So the opportunities for lesbian and bisexual women to watch the films that are made for them are extremely limited. No wonder you don’t know these films exist!!

Have you tried searching Amazon Prime Video for lesbian content? The only way is to search ‘lesbian’. Good luck finding the decent stuff amongst the porn… plus they pay absolutely bare minimum fees.

Mainstream platforms don’t provide the content most queer women want.

It also doesn’t represent the breadth of what is available. There are so many films made by for lesbian and bisexual women like you; there is so much more to see than you will ever find on Netflix.

At Lesflicks HQ they’ve already identified over 273 lesbian feature films!

Lesflicks is different. The more subscribers, the more money is in the pot to go back to filmmakers so by subscribing to their platform not only do you get 100% of the content you want to see, but you are also directly supporting filmmakers for the films they’ve made.

This increases the chances that they will be able to make more films in the future. This method means by sharing content, everyone wins. If all content owners are promoting the same location, content owners can reach a wider audience with less effort – everyone benefits!

If you love lesbian film, and you want to see more of it, and to positively support lesbian films, Lesflicks is the platform for you! Check it out, and tell all your friends.