Absolut Love

#LoveIsLove Landmark Campaign

Lesbian couple featured in landmark #LoveIsLove campaign.

It’s Pride season, and trusted Swedish vodka brand Absolut supports the LGBT community again with the release of their limited edition Absolut Colors bottle, which appears to be wrapped in the rainbow flag. And that’s not all! To support the launch of the Colors bottle, Absolut chose one lesbian couple, Paige and Amanda, to spotlight in a new video campaign.

The couple, who fell in love at first sight, were filmed by out filmmaker Molly Schiot as they returned to the beach where they had their first date. There, a series of clues led to Paige’s surprise proposal to Amanda.

The objective of Absolut’s #LoveIsLove campaign—and of the romantic and inspiring film—is to show how all love is equal.

“Recently brands seem to be frequently capitalizing off of the LGBT community, but a brand like Absolut holds a precious hand with history as they very much have supported the community since day 1,” says Schiot. “I was very grateful that Absolut hired me to bring this very personal subject to life, especially during a time where many of us still are not recognized as equal.”

About the filmmaker:

Molly Schiot is a Los Angeles based artist and director. Learn more about her work at www.mollyschiot.com


About Absolut:

For over three decades, Absolut have actively engaged and supported the LGBT community through unique creative collaborations with artists, charities and high profile personalities. Iconic advertisements included Absolut Commitment with matching bottles atop a wedding cake. In 2003, Absolut even supported the creation of the world’s largest rainbow flag, which stretched from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean in Key West. Visit www.absolut.com