Nancy Black Prepares To Release ‘Dirty Little Bass’ EP

Become mesmerised by this English pop princess.

Independent singer-songwriter Nancy Black is smashing the charts, reaching number 8 on the Music Week Commercial Chart.

With formidable sass and style that continues to mesmerise audiences, Black has developed her own unique style for her upcoming EP ‘Dirty Little Bass’. Already, she has collaborated with hip hop artists Lonzo Starr and Young Rob while also gaining support from Major Lazer.

Nancy began writing music at the age of 13 and soon the English rose meets pop princess formed an all-girl rock band Pink Lemons, before gaining the confidence to head out as a solo artist. She developed her sound, having a much more commercial sound but with killer dance beats to give her music a unique edge.

‘Dirty Little Bass’ is bursting with pop anthems with the carefully crafted emotive lyrics controlling the tracks. Nancy found herself inspired to write the EP in a strange moment of euphoria, following a bad break up with a girl she fell head over heels in love with.

Although the breakup was nasty, it led Nancy to grow stronger and use music as an escape from the heartbreak.

Check out the video for Dirty Little Bass below!

Dirty Little Bass // Nancy Black // 4K [2.39:1] – THE REMIX from White Villa Films on Vimeo.


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