Butterscotch Reminds Everyone To Love In ‘Accept Who I Am’


This video combines modern dance, R&B, and beat boxing to spread a message of love.

California based musician Butterscotch is a force to be reckoned with. Her unique blends of Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop, and R&B all showcase the immense talent flowing through this voice percussionist’s veins.

Beginning her career in the underground beatbox battle scene, Butterscotch became the world’s first female beatbox champion in 2005. A performance on America’s Got Talent introduced the world to her amazing performance style, simultaneously singing, beatboxing, and playing My Funny Valentine on the piano.

Butterscotch has recently released the video for her new song “Accept Who I Am”. A proud member of the LGBT community, Butterscotch highlights the ongoing issue of suicide and bullying when discussing her song.  Noting that bullying rarely stops after grade school, she states, “We need to accept everyone for who they are and understand that people do not choose to be black, white, gay, straight, female, male or transgender. We are all humankind.”

Although Butterscotch feels that the world has become more “tolerant” of people’s ethnicities, backgrounds, and sexual orientation, “we have not fully accepted them in our homes or in our hearts,” she says.

“It’s 2016, and in order to change the course of where the world is heading, with war, famine and hate, we need to unify the soldiers of love to spread this message of acceptance.”

The music video for “Accept Who I Am” combines modern dance and physical theater to tell the story. The negative belief systems, institutions, or internal voices that Butterscotch has struggled with are personified by dancers.

Butterscotch conceived the idea for the video with director and choreographer Mary John Frank. “We decided that ‘Accept’ was the most universal of her new songs and it carries a message the world needs to hear,” Frank says.

The video was funded by Butterscotch’s fanbase on Kickstarter and was shot in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree National Park.

Butterscotch wants to “remind people to be confident in the way that they were all uniquely created, and that we were put on this earth to LOVE.”