Lez/Bi New Year’s Resolutions For A Queertastic Year

new year resolution

Because this is your year

Who doesn’t like a good list, eh? Without a list to follow, how would we ever be able to think for ourselves and make our own decisions? Have no fear, friends! I have the top five resolutions all bi and gay gals need in order to have a successful yera. You’re welcome!

Train N Gain – The Ruby Rose Pledge

This isn’t your average health kick. This is the Ruby Rose Pledge. Not only should we eat healthily and workout in the new year, at least until the special reduced membership offer runs out at your local gym. You will find queer women across the land, swearing that this is their year to gain the body of Miss Rose and flaunt it all over Insta for people to not give a single hoot about.

Get OUT and do more (LGBT+) stuff

Get out of that closet and do more “gay” stuff. Embrace the community and mingle with the those on the same bus as you. It’s all about standing together and showing pride. No need to wait for the summer months for us to all be under one… sky. Join those Dykes That Hike, or bike, or other hobby-related activities. In a world of social media and Netflix, a dose of real life people wouldn’t go a miss and would maybe do you the world of good.

Book that luxury holiday

LGBT+ travel options are in abundance these days. With rainbow-approved destinations all over the world, holiday choices are your oyster! Maybe a trip across the pond for the biggest girl party in the world at The Dinah in Palm Springs, California. After all, you’ve got that Ruby Rose bod to show off, eh! Some Spanish sun and sangria in Sitges or an adventure down under! Now that Australia voted yes for equal marriage, why not make it a double whammy and tie the knot there while you’re at it? Whatever “it” may be.

Be happy!

This one is self-explanatory.