Letter To A Trans-Murderer


Dear murderer,

I am writing you this letter to desperately change your mind and stop you from committing murder. Do not do it and keep on reading this letter.

Since the start of 2020 there have been more than 26 trans people murdered around the world to date. I say more than 26 because I am sure there is a lot more transcide deaths that are unaccounted.  In addition to these killings, the death toll is increased by medical negligence or due to lack of public health access, known as “socialtransfemicide”.  These deaths are premature and preventable, and they are a result of the systematic social exclusion suffered by trans people.

I want you to understand that all human beings have the right to live, to remain alive, and to live with dignity. In addition, humans have the right to live their life without fear of being murdered and the right to not to be killed for who we are.

You have caused inconsolable suffering in many families and communities. It is extremely sad to know that the average age of all trans related deaths in 2020 are 35 years of age. I cannot find a logical explanation as to why there is much hatred and violence. I want those of you who kill or let others die explain to the public the reason you do it.  I have never understood how violence and humiliation are used to resolve conflicts. Furthermore why violence and hatred would be used to hide our fears and frustrations.  Ending the life of a person who just wants to be as free as you is not only evil but criminal as well.

What did Alexa Lucianano (28 years old) do, for you to kill her? Its absurd to know that you murdered her just because she used a McDonald’s women’s room.

How could you burn Serena Angelique (32 years old) and Layla Pelaez (21 years old) alive? It is unthinkable that you would burn them live because you were flirting with them and later realized they were trans women.

Why did you shoot Selena Reyes-Hernández, (37 years old)? It cannot be true that you killed her because she told you she had a penis.

How could you cover Patsy’s body (42 years old)) with cement?

What kind of human mutilates and anally rapes another with a broom stick and beats them to death?

I could continue to ask you thousands of questions about all the trans murders that you and people like you have committed throughout history. Murders that could have been avoided if you had grown up in a society that would have educated you on respect, empathy, and love.

Since that has not happened yet, let’s look of what we can do to ensure people like you never exist.

To begin, we must repeal all laws that discriminate and criminalize people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity around the world. These laws are contrary to international human rights standards, promote violence and increase hatred from killers like you towards the LGTBIQ community.

Additionally, counties must educate society on diversity topics so that murderers like you learn to respect other human beings who have different views and different forms of expressing themselves from the norm.

If we implement the latter changes, then it would also end school bullying, workplace harassment, violence, and all types maltreatment suffered by trans people, that lead to low self-esteem, depression, and suicide attempts.

Although it may seem very strange to you, understanding of the normalcy of being different from one another, is the path to ensuring every self-identity is accepted.

If you are thinking of killing someone else, DON’T do it. Practice empathy. Think that the LGTBIQ+ community are human beings like you, we seek happiness and to be treated with love and respect.

Thank you for reading this letter and I want you to know I feel sorry that you must live with yourself.

Dedicated to all human beings who have lost their lives seeking freedom.