Fire In The Rain: The US Elections In Lyrics

Lesbian lyrics illuminate the issues.

With apologies to anyone seeking respite from US election news (and counter-news, ads, counter-ads, etc.), I’d like to emulate a recent diversion created by WNYC radio commentator Bruce Lehrer. During the third (and thank-goddess final) debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Lehrer live-Tweeted his commentary solely in the form of Bruce Springsteen lyrics.

Lehrer came up with the hashtag #brucethedebates, and on October 20th he was quickly joined by other listeners in Tweets that provided a little levity (and no small degree of political insight) in a long and gruesome evening. Some of the highlights included the following Tweets:

It’s too late to create #lesbianlyricsthedebates, but I’ll take this opportunity to capture a little of our exhausted American spirit in quotes from LLL musicians.

On our choices of candidates:

“There’s godlike / And warlike / And strong / Like only some show…” (Ferron)


On watching the debates:

“Oh, we’re all growin’ up together
We’re all watchin’ the video
We’re all damnin’ the consequences
I want to understand
The soul you have in there” (Indigo Girls)


On our reaction to the issues:

“Like a young fool I quick looked
for a power to claim
And my wailing increased
with the shock of the knowledge
That I often have needed something out there to blame.” (Ferron)


On Trump

“Get ready war machine
Big guys riding high on power
…You keep assuring the meek we will inherit the earth
Well what you failed to notice in your
destruction cold and steady
Is hey big guys you’re sinking and the meek are getting ready” (Holly Near)


“Women all around the world
Every color, religion and age
One thing we’ve got in common
We can all be battered and raped” (Holly Near)
On Hillary

“Maybe you can’t believe somehow
That things can turn around
All your life it just seemed like some were destined upward
And some were destined down
And it’s just not gonna be that simple for us
Cause it’s not so hard to see
That’s it’s a huge and limitless sky describing what will be.” (Ferron)


On Election day, Nov. 8th, 2016

“You who dream of liberty must not yourselves be fooled
Before you get to plea for freedom, you’ve agreed to being ruled” (Ferron)

“I’m gonna stand up /and let myself be counted / stand up now ” (Ferron)

As you head to the polls on Tuesday (unless you’ve already voted), make a note of what songs are running through your mind. might just be lesbian lyrics to vote by.