Bi Five! Your Guide To Bisexual Campaign Groups


Because sometimes you need to just b!

Much as many LGBTQ+ groups attempt to shelter everyone underneath their umbrella, sometimes we all require a bit of targeted attention. Bisexuals exist in a hinterland; often shunned by the het world yet considered a diluted version of queer within the lesbian/gay world. The good news is that the US boasts a host of campaign groups who organize events and offer advice for bisexual folk. Curve/LOTL gives you a quick rundown of where to look…

American Institute of Bisexuality

Formed in 1998 by sex researcher and psychiatrist Fritz Klein, the AIB is based in Delaware. It offers grants towards academic research and publications about bisexuality. Its founder, Fritz Klein, created the Klein Sexual Orientation Grid, a detailed chart which purports to gauge someone’s sexuality based on their past and present desires.

Bay Area Bisexual Network

Since 1987, the Bay Area Bisexual Network has offered support to bisexuals in the San Francisco Bay area. The Network organizes regular events and offers text resources to people who are bisexual or questioning.


In 2005, Bialogue was formed to create dialogue around bisexuality, based on the concept of reacting with “action not offense” to the difficulties of being attracted to more than one gender.


In 1987, a flyer handed out during a Pride march was the first step in creating what became BiNet USA. This paved the way for the first National Bisexual Conference in 1990, where BiNet USA’s original organizational team began its work. BiNet USA is now a leading network for bisexuals in the US, counting amongst its successes invitations to the White House and a thriving website.

Bisexual Resource Center

Originally called the East Coast Bisexual Network, the Bisexual Resource Center was founded in 1985 following a regional conference. They are always on the lookout for volunteers and you can apply by emailing [email protected].

New York Area Bisexual Network

1987 saw the creation of the NYC Bisexual Network, formed to provide resources for all five New York States and the surrounding areas. NYABN’s formation was heavily influenced by bisexual icon Brenda Howard, who was also responsible for helping to set up the first ever Pride march, earning her the title “Mother of Pride”. Howard is sadly no longer with us, but her husband Larry is a keen bisexual activist who is continuing her good work.

Unity within the LGBTQ+ community is important, of course, but there is no harm in taking time to socialise and communicate with your specific tribe. It hasn’t always been easy for bisexuals to do this, for reasons mentioned earlier. It’s hard to feel as if you fit into the gay scene and you’re often misunderstood by the straight world. But times are changing and the continued existence of an admittedly small but nevertheless robust group of bisexual campaign groups is an encouraging sign for everyone who “won’t pick a side”… Good luck out there.