All Female Band Has Become The Voice Of Balkan LGBTQI Community

All Female Activist Music Collective Drops Third Record

ZEN has become the voice of the marginalized Croatian and Balkan LGBTQ+ communities.

ZEN is a feminist & activist shoegaze / post rock trio that recently released its 3rd record ‘Sun?ani ljudi’ (Sunny People). The project started in 2009 in Zagreb where they had found their home at the AKC Medika squat.

They have been shaping indipendent cultural production in the capital ever since.

The band represents a beacon of hope for the Croatian and Balkan LGBTQ communities in terms of music and their activist stance.

Their activism has had a considerable impact on the squat communities of Zagreb, where some kind of an “all inclusive” oasis has developed in recent years. They have become the voice of the marginalized and under-represented communities in the capital and elsewhere.

The shoegaze/post-rock all-female collective started in 2009 in Zagreb, where they’ve found their home at the AKC Medika squat.

Their brand new album comes as the gist of al ltheir previous releases with some moderate upgrades. It sounds like a manifest of their passion for meticulously intertwined genre tropes – from hypnotic repetitions of psot rock to atmospheric guitar layering, all characterized by a genuine openness to experimentation.