Mandahla Rose On Becoming E

Mandahla Rose
Mandahla Rose

The All About E star Mandahla Rose talks similarities between her character, filming in 38+ degrees, and following your own path.

Mandahla Rose tackles the role of E, perfectly portraying the struggles and decisions the sexy DJ is faced with throughout All About E.

The young Australian actress discussed with LOTL character development, filming experiences, and that E has many lessons to teach the audience.


What age did you develop an interest in acting? Do you have a preference for stage or screen acting?

I have wanted to be an actor since I was very little. I adore screen acting more than stage, but in saying that, I still love stage. It’s the subtleties in screen that I enjoy the most.


What sparked your interest in taking on the role of E?

I remember reading the character synopsis and thinking that E was me. I wanted so much to tell her story. I could see how she might be seen as the ‘bad-girl’, but I didn’t see that, I saw a girl that was lost and I wanted to be her voice.


Do you see similarities between yourself and the character of E?

Most definitely. I think that many people would be able to see similarities between E and themselves. Her story is, in part, everyone’s story.


Did you borrow any personal experiences from life in order to understand the character of E better?

I think that with every character I have taken on, I have borrowed from my own personal experiences. I feel that, for me, it is what makes a believable performance.


Which scene did you have the most fun filming? Why?

This is such a difficult question to answer. I think back on filming and I am going through every scene and I had fun shooting every scene. From running after a plane on a 38 plus degree day to being a passenger in Matt’s car on a rainy day. I had a blast doing it all, it’s my dream job, it’s my happy place.


What lessons do you think the audience can learn from E and her development throughout the film?

One of the many lessons that I learnt from E was to be true to myself and learn to follow my own path. It is an important lesson and a difficult one. I like to think that there is something that everyone can take away from this film


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