Retailer Max Black For Unknown Hero After Devastating Fire

Max Black Staff
Max Black Staff

Sydney retailer Max Black is searching for the unknown hero who helped save staff and customers from a fire inside their iconic Newtown store on November 24th.

The fire, which began in Chinese restaurant Happy Chef, ripped through the 120-year-old building at 264 King Street, destroying the restaurant and Max Black above.

A crew of three fire engines were required to douse the blaze, closing the busy entertainment strip that night. Three local firefighters were injured in the blaze.

In addition to the firefighters and police who attended on the night there was a further hero, whom the Max Black team have nicknamed their ‘secret saviour’, who ran into the building after seeing the flames to alert staff members Rosie Blake and Natalia Kowalska about the danger.

As a result of his bravery, Rosie and Natalia were able to evacuate the store of customers and everyone left safely.

Max Black is asking the public via their popular Facebook and Instagram pages to help them locate their #secretsaviour with the hopes of thanking him in person for his kindness. The post has been seen by over 5000 local facebook users since first being posted.

From their facebook page “Our unsung hero, the gallant human who bravely bounded up the Max Black staircase during the fire on November 24. As soon as he saw the flames leaping from the Happy Chef kitchen below, he was on the case – sprinting straight upstairs and alerted the Maxettes, who immediately evacuated the whole store, and all customers and staff were able to get out safe and sound. There are not many people who would run up a flight of stairs in a burning building. Step forward, our secret saviour… won’t you tell us your name?”

Staff member Rosie Wells would like the opportunity to meet her hero. ‘I just want to say Thank You. Not many people would stop to help these days, but he did! He’s proof that amazing humans do exist, but most of all, I would like to be able to give him a huge hug and say thank you to him personally.’

‘We’re so grateful that our staff and customers were safe’ said Max Black manager Sonya Sirny. ‘We have work to do in terms of cleaning and rebuilding, but we couldn’t do it without support. The outpouring of love we have received from Newtown and beyond has made our hearts overflow through this difficult period. We can’t wait to be back in store, and serving our community, in 2019.’

Max Black has been serving Newtown and Sydney for over 12 years, having established their store on King Street in early 2006. Nationally recognised for their commitment to community well-being the store is a local favourite with strong ties to Sydney’s LGTBQIA+ community and a reputation for empowering female-focused management and product ranges.