Curve Launched Its Global Virtual LGBTQIA Festival

Curve Virtual Festival Unites and Supports Talent During Coronavirus Lockdown

Curve Media  launched its streaming platform of virtual entertainment for LGBTQIA women in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative, which was spearheaded by Silke Bader, the owner and CEO of Curve Media, was engineered to support queer female artists and unite them with Curve readers and followers during the current global rules that require nations order the self-isolation of their citizens.

Ms Bader is a publisher and also an activist, having launched the LGBTI Awards in Australia and New Zealand, as well as championing the rights of LGBTQ individuals to be allowed to adopt children.

Hundreds of LGBTQIA artists have been invited to share their talents and projects via the Curve Virtual Festival as a way of connecting with people during the self-isolation and quarantine period that has caused a global lockdown.

“It is our hope that those who register for the Curve Virtual Festival will consider donating what they can afford so that we can help support artists and creators who are financially struggling during these times when their livelihoods have suddenly disappeared in the context of the global pandemic,” said Ms Bader.

“LGBTQIA women suffer more health and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression than many other groups,” said Curve Editor-in-Chief Merryn Johns. “One of the objectives of the Curve Virtual Festival is to bring people together and entertain and inspire them during these very challenging and life-threatening times.”

The #CurveVirtualFestival started on the 28th march at 4:00 p.m. EST and will be broadcast using the video conferencing platform Zoom.

The confirmed lineup includes singer-songwriters, musicians, celebrity chefs, standup comics, authors, fitness instructors, and many other queer creators to be announced daily at

The festival will run for as long as the coronavirus pandemic creates lockdowns in the US, UK, and Australia.