This is What A Lesbian Looks Like: Kat C.H.R.

Edgy, out and proud Jamaican Kat (C.H.R) is ready to shake up the indie world with her soulful lyrics and a positive vibe that we just can’t resist.



On being out in Jamaica: You don’t go to the international airport with a rainbow flag and say, “I’m here” but it wasn’t that bad for me…it wasn’t great…but Jamaica is a beautiful island and I’m proud to say that I’m from there. And Jamaica loves me still! That’s the thing. They don’t even know why they’re homophobic. Homophobia is damn near embedded in Jamaican culture. But what I want to know is how so much hate can come from a country that birthed reggae music and the message of “one love.” I love Jamaica and Jamaica has shown me lots of love. But I had dreams that exceeded the limitations my homeland had unfortunately created for me.

On her growing audience: It’s great. I never thought people would come out to hear me. And they come in crowds and they’re mostly women. Coming to see me, making the style of music that I do. And I look at myself and see that it’s really not about the fame and everything else. It’s the people, the music. The connection and energy of it all. I love it. It’s humbling and overwhelming to be a part of but good or bad, it’s so worth it. I never really wanted to be…commercial. I just want to make my music and live; live good and I’m cool with that. I recently did a ten city tour with Mckenzie Eddy, Sean O’Connell and Cranford and Sons called The Southern Stomp Tour. I worked with Damon Dash’s media collective company dd172 for the past year. Recording, touring, performing.

On the future: I’ll always be writing and playing, touring. I’ve been touring to a lot of different places, New York, South Carolina, Texas, Miami, Mississippi twice. Love Cake is my album, it’s all about this amazing girl named Sade. It’s an EP that people can download. I wrote all the songs and played guitar. I work with Jovi and Diana King a lot and there’s more coming from there. 

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