La Souffrance

Shooting the first EVER French-language, lesbian feature film set in Australia.


French Lesbian Feature Film

The first EVER French-language, lesbian feature film set in Australia.




Valerie, 20, has just broken up with the love of her life, Alice. She begins a new existence of having to adapt to a single life and is not coping well. To help ease the pain, she has a string of one-night stands with other women, indulges in drugs and self-mutilation.

Fabien, 40, her father comes and visits her often, but his questioning of her life and what she is doing increasingly irritates Valerie. She finds solace in one of her one-night stands with Danielle.

Sadness turns to anger, and she decides to retaliate against Alice. Her drug-taking and spiraling out of control, and as a result she loses her contract work as a model. Left with no money, she asks Fabien for money to pay the rent, but they end up arguing about what she is doing with her life. She steals money to pay for her drugs.

Eventually, forced to rely on prescription drugs to cope with life, she is bound to see a psychologist on a weekly basis, much to her reluctance. But when Danielle leaves her as well, Valerie is unable to cope and let’s herself go completely.



The film explores the difficult moment one person deals with when rejected from a relationship, but also the ever-increasing problem of self-mutilation with young women when dealing with pain and suffering. It also explores the complexity of being a lesbian in a heterosexual world.


The film will be beautifully shot in Melbourne Australia in summer 2013-2014.


Our DOP Tony Ferrieri’s accomplishments include Best Director Award, New York Winter Film Awards; Best Film, Made in Melbourne Film Festival; Excellence in Cinematography Award, Vegas Indie Film Festival; Best Foreign Film Award, Audience Choice Award, Charleston International Film Festival; and a series of official selections including the Palm Beach International Film Festival and Fort Myers Film Festival.



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