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Smack Down!

We braced for the Katy Perry haterade to hit our inboxes after our April cover, but were pleasantly surprised to get positive letters instead about musician Jen Foster and her “I Kissed A Girl” response, “I Didn’t Just Kiss Her.” So we’re putting these two lady-smoochin’ musical titans head-to-head. Who gets your vote?

PHOTo credit: Cheryl Mazak (perry), Will foster (foster)




I kissed a girl and I liked it Lesbolicious lyrics I didn't just kiss her
Queen Musical influences Bob Dylan
Rompers, candy-colored palette Personal style Blue jeans, sensible shoes
Twentysomething sorority girls My fan base is... Thirtysomething womyn
Trying to get famous If I wasn't famous I'd be...

Playing the guitar in a coffee shop