This Earth Day, One Cocktail Equals One Planted Tree


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Earth Day is turning 40 this year, and as always, it's a cause to celebrate. But I don't mean celebrate in the typical Earth Day lesbian fashion—neighborhood cleanups and bike to work campaigns. I mean celebrate, like, have a freakin' party. This year on April 22, it's time to wake up from your lezzie-relationship hibernation and get yourself dressed up for a celebratory night on the town. Because as it turns out, there is a more glamorous way to celebrate Earth Day than joining a "curb global warming" protest.

Thanks to a genius partnership between VeeV cocktails and Live It Green, LLC, the environmentally friendly Treetini has been born. The concept: by ordering one of these eco-chic martinis at participating hot spots nationwide, a tree will be planted in Tamil Nadu, India in exchange. That's right, one cocktail ordered equals one tree planted, two drinks equals two trees, and so forth until you can't see straight but have sponsored a mini-forest.

Save the world by drinking? Now you're speaking my language.

Sounds good, but what exactly is a Treetini anyway? It's a cocktail made with VeeV, or "The World's First Açaí Spirit." And açaí, they say, is one of the hottest ingredients in cocktail culture right now as it is the world's preeminent superfruit.

If you think about it, though, this truly is a good investment: You order a Treetini, which is presumably $10 including tip, a tree gets planted as a result. A tree is worth well over a ten-spot to begin with, plus, over the course of 50 years one tree alone provides the earth with $30,000 worth of oxygen, recycles $37,000 worth of water and provides $62,000 worth of air pollution control. How they measure that, I am clueless, but either way, I'm sold.

Furthermore, VeeV is the world's only carbon neutral spirit, and they donate $1 per bottle purchased to ensure the safe harvest of açaí as well.

What do lesbians love as much as the environment? A good party. Combine the two and the concept of the Treetini is what you get. This deal extends the entire month of April and their goal is to plant 10,000 trees for the one month alone, which means we have a lot of drinking to do ladies. Cheers!

For a full list of participating bars and restaurants, go to If you don't live in a location with purveyors of the Treetini, don't let that stop you from experiencing the magic—buy a bottle of VeeV from and follow the recipe below to experience the chic, eco-friendly cocktail at home.

VeeV Treetini (a.k.a. a strained Eco-Mojito)

2 ounces VeeV Açaí Spirit

¾ ounce agave nectar

4 lime wedges

6 mint leaves

Club soda

Tear and slap mint leaves to release oils and drop into 
a cocktail shaker. Shake all ingredients well over ice and strain into a
 chilled martini glass. Top with club soda, stir and garnish as desired.

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