Tool Academy Goes Gay


The cast of VH1’s guilty pleasure Tool Academy introduces a lezzie couple into the dysfunctional mix, for season three.

For two years VH1 has brought the biggest tools this side of Jersey Shore into your living room, with its popular series Tool Academy. Spray tanned, juiced out dudes bump, grind and lie their way onto the show while their poor, poor girlfriends cry in knowing horror. While we, the audience, readily grab the popcorn, shaking our heads at these women’s poor, poor judgment, in schadenfreude fueled glee.

Once on the Tool Academy campus, the girlfriends demand that their Tools either shape up or they will (maybe, but probably not) break up with them, for good. To avoid this fate, the Tools must then attend group therapy, compete in team building exercises with their partners and rid themselves of their tool-ish demons and in hopes of being the one tool to graduate from the Academy and prove their love—oh and win the $100,000 grand prize.

After two seasons of this hetero-fest, VH1 has finally caught on to what we already knew: there are some massive lezzie tools out there (I can think of one or two exes who could have claimed the Academy as their alma mater). Enter, Courtney and her ever-suffering girlfriend Cheron. Courtney fancies her self a “10” and quite the ladies woman, while Cheron is ready for her girlfriend to settle down and cast off her bad girl ways—let the education commence!

Wondering what tool-ish behavior awaits us this season? We got a few clips, that give us some insight into Courtney’s shenanigans.

From the looks of these clips season three of Tool Academy promises to be the hottest Sapphic mess since Tila took her Shot at Love. So, are you as excited as we are?