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Bigger Really Is Better

High-fashion magazines like Vogue are known for the wafer-thin supermodels and celebrities that grace their covers. But for U.K. stylist Katie Grand, former editor in  chief of the now-shuttered British style tome Pop, bigger is better. So who should grace the cover of the first issue of Grand’s new fashion glossy, Love, other than The Gossip frontwoman, Beth Ditto? Sure, it’s not the same as when she posed nude on the cover of NME in 2007, but it sends a clear message to fashionistas on this side of the pond (hint: eat a sandwich already!).

Special “Friends”

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to sneak a Prop. 8-laced joke into an awards show. This past January at the 35th Annual People’s Choice Awards, she took home the trophy for Best Talk Show Host in stride, giving a verbal nod to everyone during her acceptance show…including “my roommate, Portia, thank you very much, as well.”

Child’s Play

According to, everyone’s favorite bisexual, Tila Tequila, proclaimed her intention to follow in the footsteps of Madonna and Angelina as far as expanding her family goes.

“I definitely want to adopt a boy,” she said, but admitted that she wanted to make “at least another billion dollars” before then, so she could spend all her time focused on him. We’d suggest spending some of that dough on a nanny. Consider the one time she acted as caretaker. It didn’t end so well.

“I had a dog, but I had to give him to [my] best friend, because he did not like to travel at all,” she said.
Maybe starting off with something simpler would be a better idea…maybe a houseplant…

Another Celesbian “Comes Out”

Step aside, Lindsay Lohan. We’ve got a new switch-hitter on our hands! Aubrey O’Day, a former singer in the girl group Danity Kane, told, “At this point in my life, I wouldn’t say one way or another what my preference is sexually.”

Rumors started circulating after O’Day brought a woman to an industry launch party in December and then referred to her as her girlfriend. Earlier that month, O’Day brought another woman to a New York party.

“The only thing I’m looking for in life is incredible passion and honest love…no matter what options are on the table,” she said. “All I really operate on is the way I feel in my heart when it comes to love.”

Kiss and Tell

Even though she’s previously been married to musician Chris Robinson and romantically linked with Owen Wilson and Lance Armstrong, in January Kate Hudson heard rumors that she had been macking on a woman, which the actor heartily denied.

“A girlfriend called me and said, ‘Are you making out with girls now?’ I was like, ‘What are you taking about? No, no, no,’ ” she told Us magazine. “Strictly boys for me!”

Damn. Now, mom Goldie Hawn...

LiRo Split?

Consider the LiRo love boat run ashore. Word on the street was that the twosome was already in couples therapy to nurse their relationship back to health. However, according to, Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Sam Ronson were heard arguing ’til 4 a.m. in late December, culminating in the sound of shattering glass and Ronson screaming, “If you’re gonna break things, get out of my house.”

Rumors of a split deepened as Lohan was seen cavorting around both coasts with Sean Penn, sans Ronson. But Lohan denies everything, writing on her MySpace blog, “We did NOT break up,” adding that media and gossip outlets should get their stories, er, straight.

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