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Women We Love: Jetia Deity

Originally from Maryland, she is currently based in Oakland, in the Bay Area of California. CURVE chats with Jetia


How She Identifies
I am a queer, two-spirited ‘wombmyn.’

What’s Up With Her
As of now I have two DJ residencies in Oakland. Body Party is a queer and sexy hip-hop party at the legendary StarLine every first Thursday. And another bimonthly event on first and third Wednesdays called Juke Joint for grown folks that love upbeat rhythms and can two-step The Layover in the heart of downtown Oakland.

Creative Soul
I see myself as a Ritual Artist. I lovingly create content that embodies imagery, soundscapes, and dance rituals born from the African diaspora for the purpose of DNA healing. My events and appearances reflect the many faces of the Feminine Divine. Oftentimes, attendees at my events will be stimulated with visuals and wild go-go dancers (sometimes me) of all body types and expressions. It is my passion to create safer, body positive spaces where people of color (POC) can feel truly free. I believe that music is a powerful unifying
tool for healing that can bridge language barriers, borders, and generations. I believe that my work advocates for liberation and for radical self-expression.

Passion Projects
I am most passionate about the shift into global awakening where people are privy to being mindful about their planet footprint and holistic approaches to wellness. More solar and wind-powered, more plants, less GMO and blood. I am pleased to announce my new YouTube channel where I will explore these topics and what it means to acknowledge this shift and the rise of the Feminine Divine.

Keep In Touch
Instagram, Soundcloud, and Youtube @DJDEITY and @JetiaDeity for mixtapes, art videos, and more.

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