Daily Gaydar: Syrian Lesbian Blog A Hoax

Syrian Lesbian Blog a Hoax, Lindsay Lohan Granted a Restraining Order and a New Pariah Trailer. Plus, the !Women Art Revolution trailer and a chance for you to be on reality TV…

December 2011

Daily Gaydar: Lindsay Lohans Rooftop Shindig

Lindsay Lohans Rooftop Shindig and Margaret Cho’s Open Marriage. Plus, the faux lesbian blogger story deepens, a sneak peek at actor and muscian Heather Peace’s new web doc and look at Navajo ‘two-spirit’ people…

July 2011
lindsay lohan leavin bar

Lindsay Lohan Isn’t Helping Her Case

What on earth does Lindsay have against a few nights on the couch? The girl is wearing a bracelet to stop her drinking, she has to submit to random drug tests and she is only avoiding jail due to a very hefty bail…

July 2010

The Lindsay locomotion hasn’t run out of steam

I can’t keep going on like this. I still love Lindsay Lohan. No matter how many times she breaks my heart, I can’t show Linds the door. And I keep hoping that she has finally had enough…

June 2010