Stream Ferron's 'Lighten-ing' in fullProduced by Bitch (formerly of Bitch & Animal) and featuring beats by JD Samson, Lighten-ing is a collection of songs honoring the 30-year career of lesbian folk legend Ferron.

Lighten-ing is Bitch’s sonic follow-up to Boulder (and Ferron’s 15th release), a musical accompaniment to the documentary Thunder.  To make it, Bitch brought in the manuscript to one of Ferron’s poetry books, The (H)unger Poems, and got her to turn some of the lyrics into songs.  With Bitch’s bass-line to accompany her, they made “The Pledge” this way, and, of course, “The (H)unger Poems.” The track “Army of You” stands out as being the first track to ever be written by Bitch and Ferron together.

Showcasing the 30 year career that has led Ferron to become the icon she is,Thunder & Lighten-ing was made available to the donators of the Kickstarter campaign that helped make it possible on August 27, 2013, and is now ready for the rest of the world to experience it via official release on Short Story Records.

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