Dyke Central

Web Series: Dyke Central

Series co-creator Florencia Manóvil produced and directed the LGBTQ series “Dyke Central,” a dramedy about a group of queer friends living in Oakland, as a response to the lack of representation of queer women of color in the mainstream media…

October 2020

Web Series: Bad Ally, Quarantine Chronicles

Filmmakers Daquisha Jones and Ariel Mahler have released Episode One of Bad Ally: Quarantine Chronicles, the latest iteration of a comedy web series that has been reinvented for these unprecedented times…

October 2020
Easy Abby

Web Series: Easy Abby Season 1

Easy Abby is a web series about the anxieties and assumptions of lesbian romance as seen through the eyes of Abby, a chronic seducer just trying to get by without falling in love…

September 2020