Are You A Backpack Loving Lesbian?

Are You a Backpack Loving Lesbian?

Look no further, Will Leather Goods have got your back!

There are not a lot of objects that make me literally want to fawn all over them. But this bag from Will Leather Goods did exactly that to me. I’ll admit. I’m a bag girl. And I especially love backpacks. Couple that with the fact that I am a “lay down on the ground and die” kind of sucker for super soft leather and that’s all you need to know to understand how I fell in love at first sight with the Delilah backpack.

It’s from the Will Leather Good’s Fawn Collection and was designed by the company’s creative director and founder Will Adler. The deerskin is sourced from North American hides and is tanned in such a way as to be water resistant while still maintaining the insane softness and suppleness, which is a very good thing for a klutzy girl like me!

And deerskin in and of itself is naturally tough, based on the actual ecology of the animal. In fact, I was interested to learn while researching deerskin, that it is, technically, the third strongest and most durable leather, also a very good thing for a girl like me who tends to carry around more books and papers then any one girl should.

The bag is trimmed with vegetable tanned, full grain leather from Tuscany, Italy and is lined with hand-woven Weaver’s House fabric. I love the look of the bag as much as the feel, it has a sort of stripped down minimalism. But the bag is still hyper functional. Translation – simple lines, smart design, and smart hardware equals a very happy bag owner.

The bags are made in Mexico in a small factory of artisans. I had the chance to chat a bit with Adler himself and was really interested to find out that whenever he sets out to design a line or a piece, he always takes into account the story behind the leather he is using. In this case, the Fawn collection (of which this pack is a part of) pays homage to the time honored tradition of using deerskin in leather crafting, particularly by Native American craftsman.

Bottom line, this bag is made of the softest leather I have ever felt. It looks fabulous. It carries all of my stuff for work, and play, and it feels so good on – I don’t really like taking it off. Maybe I’ll start a new trend and not take it off. I’ll let you know how that goes…

Check out the The Fawn Collection HERE