Get Your First Look At Rooney Mara As The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


This month W Magazine has the actor decked out in full Lizbeth Salander regalia. Are you sold?

When it was announced that a remake of the stellar Swedish thriller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo had been greenlit, I was likely the person groaning the loudest. I don’t take issue with remakes on principle, but in this case I had serious misgivings. Who could possibly fill the divine Noomi Rapace’s shoes as bisexual hacker, über-genius Lizbeth Salander?

When Rooney Mara was cast, fresh off the (rightfully) critically panned A Nightmare on Elm St. remake, I felt my worst fears had been realized. Sure, it’s being helmed by David Fincher, the dark genius behind Fight Club and Seven and is being scored by Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor, which is pretty cool, too. But, lets face it, that movie is Lizbeth Salander and its success and failure rests solely on her ability to recreate one of the most mysterious, complex and compelling characters in modern cinema.

This month W magazine features Rooney Mara decked out all her Lizbeth Salander glory, and I have to confess while it still remains to be seen if Mara has the considerable chops needed to pull it off, one thing’s for sure: She has the look, the black punk rock hair, the chiseled cheekbones, the sense that still waters run very deep (and very angry)—and I’m starting to be a little cautiously optimistic.