Film Review: Elena Undone

Elena Undone - A Nicole Conn Film

Elena Undone is a film that grips you from the very beginning.

The dutiful pastor’s wife, Elena Winters, is a mother to a teenage boy. Her family’s appearance is of the utmost importance. Peyton Lombard is a well-known lesbian author just recovering from the loss of her mother.

Both broken, they find each other at an adoption agency when Elena drops her keys, and Peyton brings them back to her.  Elena and her husband were considering adoption since they were having difficulties trying to conceive. Peyton is looking to fill the void in her heart. They exchange numbers once Peyton finds out Elena was a photographer, as she was in need of one.

Through chance encounters, and even a “love guru,” the two women continually meet up. Considering it kismet, they forge a good friendship. Their bond grows stronger over working together, photo shoots, and wine. In fact, their connection grows so strong, so quick, that they both need to stop and re-evaluate.

Sensing that she’s losing her heart to Elena, Peyton decides they need some distance. Feeling alive and fulfilled, Elena says quite the opposite. Trying to remain stoic, Peyton concedes. However, their friendship rapidly turns into a passionate affair. Although Elena does not consider herself a lesbian, she cannot resist Peyton.

As things heat up between the women, the world around them begins to crumble. Elena’s loveless marriage to Barry becomes tense and volatile. Her son Nash discovers love letters from Peyton. Scared, hurt, and confused, the teenage boy turns to stealing and drinking alcohol. Peyton begins to resent Elena’s marriage, and her inability to devote herself completely to her. The stress and tension becomes too overbearing, ending both Elena’s marriage, and her relationship with Peyton.

Six months later, the women unexpectedly run into each other yet again, walking in a park. Initially, it seems to be a painful encounter, especially when Peyton discovers that Elena is pregnant. Peyton is angry, and speaks over her. After some time, Elena faints, causing the tension to end. It is after this point that everyone involved can gain a sense of resolution. Despite everything that happens, will Elena and Peyton get the happy ending they deserve?

Necar Zadegan gives us a superb portrayal of Elena. Beautiful, with her big, deep, enchanting brown eyes, you are swept away with her and this story from the very beginning. Traci Dinwiddie mirrors her with a flawless performance as Peyton. Together, they create chemistry, and a story that are absolutely riveting. Gary Weeks plays a very unlikable Barry.

This is an incredibly well done film. Though not an action movie, you are on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds. The acting is so genuine; the cinematography is simply fantastic. This is a well-written tale that definitely warrants your viewership.

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