Why We Want ‘Moore’ Of Lane

Comedian, writer, actor and musician Lane Moore brings her stand-up show to a whole new level in Brooklyn with the help of some very special guests.

She’s adorable. She’s hilarious. And if you haven’t heard of Lane Moore, than it’s high time to jump on board this band wagon of pure awesome entertainment.

Host of the stand-up show, Tinder LIVE!, based out of The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY, Lane brings in the laughs and hysterics in droves. She’s not only a great crowd pleaser but she always seems like she’s talking to the audience like they’re her best friends.

She will engage with her flock of comedy goers as if she were chatting it up with her besties, in for the night with a bottle of wine and discussing the wonderful world that is Tinder.

During her stand-up routine, we take a stroll down Tinder ‘Lane’ (see what I did there?) where she logs into a Tinder account, live on stage, for all to see and asks the audience whether she should swipe RIGHT (yes) or swipe LEFT (no). If there happens to be a match between her and a potential date, Lane will message them immediately.

She also incorporates smaller games such as “Which One Is It?”, where the audience attempts to decipher which person the profile belongs to if there is more than one person in the main pic; and “Is That Your Baby?”, which sort of speaks for itself.

For her most recent Tinder LIVE! show, appropriately titled Valentine’s Day Spectacular, Lane had invited some of the cast of OITNB (Orange is the New Black) to join her on her online dating quest. Connie Shulman (Yoga Jones/Voice of Patty Mayonnaise), Beth Fowler (Sister Jane Ingalls), Lin Tucci (Anita DeMarco) and Laura Gomez (Blanca Flores) were in attendance to assist Lane with weeding out the duds on Tinder while supplying the audience with LOL worthy jokes and antics.

“For this show, in particular, it was a completely different feeling and different kind of energy,” said Lane. “Celebrities have never been on Tinder before and the feeling is larger than life!”

Lane met and became friends with Connie Shulman a while back and was able to coordinate a Tinder LIVE! show featuring the OITNB women. “It’s so cool to have an OITNB show!” said Lane.

When she’s not busy making us squeal in pain from the amount of laughter exert, Lane writes for publications left and right while holding an editor’s position at Cosmopolitan.com. This Jane of All Trades really can DO IT ALL.

If you’re in need of a laugh and a good price on booze I implore you to run, don’t walk, to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn to catch this funny lady’s stand-up.