Candice Releases First Single ‘Lesbian’

Ne-Yo, who has released a number of R&B soul hits like Closer, Because of You, and So Sick has been the acting mentor for Candice, the singer of “Lesbian”.

She is his protégée and to be honest what a let down.

Awesome…here is a “mainstream” artist singing a song about lesbians…or so the title of the song “Lesbian” may lead you to believe.

This is so far from the reality, it’s basically a joke. Candice honey, what on earth made you think for a second that this would be a reasonable and justified song? Let alone your first single?!

Candice is 24, she is a young adult, so she knows exactly what she is singing about and given the benefit of the doubt, has enough brains to know how offensive she would potentially come across. So this leads me to the question, was this all for fame? Is the whole point of this song to boost her into the limelight? I guess it’s worked. It is a shame though, as she happens to have a gifted set of vocals on her, but this has, and will continue to, lose her respect – from a lot of diverse communities.

So lets delve in a little more.

“You got me feeling like a lesbian.”

Alright, so, Candice – clearly by this statement, (because really, that’s what it is right?) you know exactly how it feels to be a lesbian. What being a lesbian constitutes, and all round it’s a type of relationship you know inside out – to be commenting on it with such confidence. Plain and simple.

Here is the problem, one of many, but lets not rush this.

You have implied that lesbians are essentially bitchy, nosey, unequal, hoes. Hold up perhaps you didn’t just imply these things…you do use the lyrics “you become a bitch” and “you actin like a hoe”.

If you are in a relationship where you actually feel the way you are portraying in this song – what the hell are you doing? Why are you there, why are you judging, why not just leave. To use gender roles and misogynistic ideals to convey any relationship is abhorrent. Not only are you offending (perhaps not all) but a majority of the LGBTIQ community, but you have also just taken women backwards with your limited knowledge.

It really is unfortunate that you are misrepresenting women with such morale.

“….there’ll be a vagina where your balls should be.”

To use sarcastic remarks in order to offend and slam ones pride is unacceptable. Especially when you are disrespecting your own gender!

“…you act so feminine…”

Essentially what is conveyed throughout the lyrics is: to act ‘weak’ is to act like a ‘girl’. Thus you poor thing, you “feelin like a lesbian”.

That must be horrible.

I couldn’t think of anything worse.

Of course there will be men commenting and reporting on this to, as they also have much knowledge when it comes to the opposite gender and lesbian relationships.

Mark Ward ( has described this first single as an “honest record about a relationship where the man takes the bitch seat.”

Lost. For. Words.

No wait I found one: Derogatory.

Candice, since you know so much about Lesbianism, thank you for writing a song titled “Lesbian” you have done the world a favor, they can now better understand us as a people, well done.

When you find a lesbian who is alright with this, let us know, I’d love to interview them!

In the meantime I applaud you for your valuable insight into a community you clearly know nothing about.

If you would like to listen to the song “Lesbian”, here it is.

Not that we want to promote listening to this song, but people should be given the opportunity to make their own decisions, and comment accordingly.