Lovesong Review

Film Review Of Lovesong

A lesbian love story that pulls at the heartstrings.


Lovesong, a film by So Yong Kim, stars Jena Malone (Saved!, Nocturnal Animals) and Riley Keough (Mad Max: Fury Road, Dixieland) as college friends who meet three years after graduation. Sarah (Riley Keough) is married to Dean and has a three year old daughter, Jesse. 


We learn early on in the film that Dean travels for his job and is seldom home.  Sarah is unhappy about this and life in general. Jesse is the one bright spot in her life. We don’t know if Sarah is lonely and bored and calls Mindy, or if Mindy decides to come visit on her own. For a few days, they take off on a road trip with Jesse where Mindy flirts with a rodeo rider and they both drink a lot. 


On one of their drinking binges, Sarah and Mindy wind up in bed, and old feelings for each other resurface. Mindy leaves shortly after this with no explanation, and we don’t see the friends again until three years later when Mindy asks Sarah if Jesse can be the flower girl in her wedding. 


The film becomes very awkward from here as Sarah has never been able to reconcile what happened with Mindy, and Mindy refuses to discuss it. Lovesong left me with more questions than answers. Why didn’t Sarah pursue a discussion with Mindy after they slept together? What is Mindy afraid of? Why does Mindy’s mother ask her why she’s getting married? I was left with a sense of a lot of things missing and not a very satisfying ending. 


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