July Horoscope

The summer bristles with opportunity with Mars in lovestruck Cancer and Venus in dramatic Leo. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, don’t drip on your pants.

Aries (March 21-April 20)

You may party hearty through the summer, but it is just a ruse for seduction. The fact is you are much more interested in seeing who you can lure back to your love nest. Aries may look strong and bold now but they are mush for the right push. Choose a lovergrrl who gives you everything you need, including an occasional feather dusting.


Taurus (April 21-May 21) 

Throw caution to the far winds this summer, Taurus, and say what is in your heart and on your mind. You speak with passion and there is someone out there who appreciates all your honesty and candor. In fact she may even find it sexy and alluring. But just to be sure, pepper your words with some salty action and get very spicy.


Gemini (May 22-June 21)

Get ready to pay dearly for all of your jollies this summer, Gemini. It seems that you are developing some very expensive tastes. This is all fine as long as you don’t go over your budget over wasteful nonsense. Be very strict and discerning. Then if what and who you want to do require a pool of cash to ramp up the festivities, jump in and get very wet.


Cancer (June 22-July 23)

You make a very strong first impression this summer with everyone you meet. And your ample charm can lead to untold riches and accolades. So prepare your public face and plan your meetings with a calculated eye, Cancer. The influential people you meet now can set you on a successful course of fame, fortune and fantastic females. Who hoo!


Leo (July 24-Aug 23)

You may look confident and totally in control but underneath your strong surface, there is a trepidation and sense of vulnerability. Don’t think this is a bad thing, Lioness. This too can be very enticing and alluring. It is all in the way you play it out. So strut and fret your hour upon the stage and see how you can charm, cajole and tempt the high priestesses. Virgin offering anyone?


Virgo (Aug 24-Sept 23)

Your deeply held secrets swirl through the summer. Will one or two be released unexpectedly into social media? Possibly. And this may be part of your plan, Virgo. Gal pals bolster your confidence and goad you to get everything out in the open and off your chest. Of course there may be one or two who you will want on top of your chest… 


Libra (Sept 24-Oct 23)

All your hard work can be rewarded this summer if you keep your eye on the corporate prize. Libras are advised to take a calculated risk whether that means pushing for a raise or promotion or befriending a well-connected co-worker. Put your plans in place and take one more step up the ladder. Power is intoxicating especially if it is shared with a bubbly babe.


Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)

If you have itchy feet this summer, try to plan a few getaways designed to get you out of your shell and into others. Scorpios love to explore new and interesting vistas and now you can not only discover hidden treasures you can do so with a comely travel companion. Or is it to discover the hidden treasures of a comely travel companion? Book any type of adventure you like.


Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 22)

The summer may be hot but you are much hotter. That means that while you may prefer to laze the time away, you are better served by being active and engaged in hot pursuits. If a certain lady catches your eye, go for her. If your tastes tend towards more than one tall frosty drink, imbibe with abandon. But know your limit, Sagittarius. Things can get very tipsy fast.

Capricorn (Dec 23-Jan 20)

Relationships are very important to you now so focus on what is important to you in a lovergrrl and set your sites for utopia. There will be many choices for you if you keep an open mind and get out there and look. Of course, there are certain high maintenance ladies that will thrill your heart and leave you begging for more. Maybe that is your idea of utopia?


Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19)

Although it is the summer and relaxing jaunts and long vacations are tempting, you are much better off using your time productively to get a few things off your desk. Start by focusing on small projects that have been gathering dust and finish them off. Then you will have plenty of dilly dallying time for assorted silly dalliances. Anyone we know, Aqueerius?


Pisces (Feb 20-March 20)

Get into mischief this summer and see how high you can ratchet the stakes before you go overboard. Your dance card fills up and you will need to carefully choose which parties you decide to attend. Oh would this last forever! But it won’t Guppie. So use your popularity plus time wisely and move with the shakers. Let a couple of special ladies shake your world.


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