December Hybernation

Freezing at The Gym

December is my time off.  If I were a bear I would hibernate.

I mean it; I don’t want to do anything. Ever feel like that?  Don’t want to do your work. Don’t want to go to the gym – don’t want to go anywhere – just want to sit and eat and watch TV and not care about anything or have any responsibilities. Is that bad? Is that normal? How long should I let myself do this?  Well this blog is late – cause I am eating too much sugar.

So, last week I started going to the gym, in the mornings! – I’m shocked at my behavior.  I am not a morning person.  I actually feel sorry for people who have to work a 9-5 job.  I’m more the 5-9 worker myself.  I can’t get up that early, never mind then work out. But the other day I started to do it, and I gotta tell ya, that first morning I was so impressed with myself.

 I was actually happy. As I was driving to the gym, I felt like the Grinch whose heart grew ten times its size that day. I was waving to people in their cars – they must have thought I was insane.  Hi!! Look at me I am up early!  Wow!! I’m alive.

I’m usually pretty lazy. I’d buy the exercise equipment but never use it – Like one year I bought an excer-cycle but then I put a sidecar on it. Or I had a rowing machine with an outboard motor.  My Nordic track naturally became my Nordic coat rack. The elliptical at the gym is now an orbital; I just keep walking around it. And weights, forget it, I just wait and nothing happens. The circuit machines are scary too. I mean, there aren’t any instructions. It seems like lately if I lift the wrong amount of weight in the wrong direction, I tweak something. The young kids twerk, and us baby boomers are starting to tweak. I have a rib issue. I mean if I twist too far to the right something snaps under my rib, like a band of muscle snaps over or under my rib cage, or maybe I am just breaking my ribs. I don’t know but it is strange how delicate our bodies become.

The Muscle men and women at the gym go a bit too far. I mean all the muscles on top of muscles and then their veins start to pop out. It is gross. I mean, I want to see your nice beautiful body; I don’t need to see your entire cardiovascular system!

Calm down people. Hey if I work up a good sweat in the sauna does that count?

I am supposed to go to my boot camp today at 9:15 but this blog is due today so…Hey I am power lifting my fingers on the keys of the computer.

Happy Holidays everybody, eat well and enjoy!