How I Met Your Mother…At the Oscars

Another check off the bucket list for Neil Patrick Harris.

It has been announced that the one and only Neil Patrick Harris will be following in Ellen DeGeneres' footsteps!

That's right the renowned LGBT advocate and How I Met Your Mother star will be kicking off the New Year with what is sure to be a serious amount of fun. The Academy Awards will air in February 2015 and Harris took to social media to let the world know.

Among other…items (saw a lady in half?!) on his bucket list, Harris circled that he could now check off "Host The Oscars".

Last year Ellen was an absolute hoot and all round entertainer, drawing the highest Oscars telecast audience in 14 years! With over 43.7 million viewers tuning in to see her in action.

No pressure Neil Patrick Harris…no pressure.

And who could forget the gigantic 'selfie' she took that broke social media records and ultimately crashed twitter?

Ellen's casual selfie…before it blew up social media.

With a lead up experience of hosting four Tonys and two Emmys, surely Harris will Host like no other and bring his unique charm to the stage for the world to marvel at.


See Neil Patrick Harris' Bucket List here:



It's been quite the day…

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