Golden Girl

KT Tunstall is back with new tunes and a new tour.

People in the LGBTQ community tend to stick to their own kind, and this includes musicians. As a minority group, most queer people recognize that it’s important to support queer musicians. Hence it tends to be of interest to figure out if certain musicians are a part of the LGBTQ community.

A great example of this is KT Tunstall. The longtime UK alternative singer has always kind of been on our gaydar. Many interviews have confronted her about her sexuality, and she has a big lesbian following. As I did my research, I think that our affinity with and admiration for her has happened for many reasons. Some people feel that many of her songs are written about women; then there's the rainbow suspenders on her album cover; and the fact that her popular hit “Suddenly I See” was about Patti Smith, who is a lesbian icon, although also not a lesbian, just androgynous and powerful.

Since Tunstall is married to a man and has time and again said she’s not a lesbian, we can't claim her as one of our own. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because this chick makes awesome music! 

Does “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree” come to mind? All Tunstall, babe. 

After taking a few years off, she’s back with an EP, Golden State. Compared to her past tracks, these are more upbeat, which are perfect for summer. Her raspy voice and guitar stay with you, and you can tell she’s happy to be back in the studio. Another cool part about the EP is that it includes a drum remix of one of the songs, "Evil Eye," by Django Django. You can preorder and download her album here.

KT and her band are currently on the road throughout the summer, playing various festivals and theatres with a full US & UK tour to come.

Visit KT's official website here