Body Goals For The Holidays

A sensible fitness plan to get you through the silly season.

I know, I know. The Holidays can make it really tough to stick to your workout routine and even harder to stay on point with your diet! That’s why this Holiday season it’s the perfect time to do a fitness “DOUBLE DOWN”!

What the heck do I mean by this? Let me explain. Since you know that your workout schedule is going to get hig jacked all month long and you know calories IN are most likely NOT going to equal calories OUT, just make a decision to do a few of the following things during the month of December and, if it feels good to you, carry it over for a week or two into the New Year and get a jump start on your 2017 #bodygoals.


1. Commit to doing something for your fitness at least 5-6 days a week EVEN if it’s only 10-20 minutes. I really can’t imagine we all can’t find 10-20 minutes to spare to maintain our fitness and health! Start by closing all your social media apps on your phone OR even better deleting a few of them for the entire month of December. Only go on Social Media when on your computer maybe 1-2 hours a day max.  Use that extra time off of SM (Social Media) for BG (Body Goals)!

2. If your schedule allows, try doing a double workout a few times a week. Here’s how that would look: Let’s say you can’t get to the gym for 1.5 hours at a time but you can find 20-30 minutes twice throughout the day – then just split it up. See the below routines for ideas on how to stay fit anywhere, anytime!

3. On the days you don’t have Holiday parties or social commitments, eat extra clean i.e. more veggies, less red meat, lighter meals more frequently and drink extra water. Also, on these days, eat your last meal or snack 2-3 hours before bed. This last one is a huge game changer for battling belly bulge!

Optional: Jump Rope and 3-5lb Dumbbells

All of the below is either done in place if indoors or along a stretch of grass, track or cement. Stairs are also ideal for a warm up if you have access.

This is 20 minutes cardio routine that will get your heart pumping and give you an energy boost to start your day.

Warm Up

Light jog for 3-4 minutes

Stretch Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Calves briefly


Round #1 Medium intensity

Side shuffles 1 Minute

Karaoke’s 1 Minute

Skips 1 Minute

Fast feet to High Knees 1 Minute

Rest 10 seconds in between each drill unless your body says yes to continuous movement

Rest: 30 after entire sequence

Repeat x1 (Second round faster than the first round)

The final 2 rounds should be done with more intensity


Round #3

Jump rope 1 Minute

Jumping jacks (lt DBs or not) 1 Minute

Jump rope 1 Minute

Jumping jacks (lt DBs or not) 1 Minute

Rest :30


Round #4

Jump Squats: 30

Jack Squat Touch (basically a jack with a squat in the middle): 30

Jump rope: 30

Jumping jacks (no weights): 30

Rest 5-10 seconds between each exercise

Repeat x2


Now assuming you have the time this is the DOUBLE DOWN part:

Either hit the gym as you normally would after work or head to your same outdoors spot and finish the day with the below short and sweet full body workout!

Start with 12 reps of everything and work your way down to 2 reps

End with a 2 minutes PLANK hold


Dips on a stair or bench (if outdoors) or chair (if indoors)

Reverse lunge rt leg / reverse lunge lf leg / Center wide squat

Straight Arm Burpees OR Jump squats

Mountain Climbers

If you still have energy when you hit 2 reps of everything work your way back up to 6 or 8 reps of all and call it a day!

Don’t let the Holidays sneak up on you this year and derail the progress you’ve already made with your #bodygoals.  Do the Double Down and bolt into the New Year ahead of the pack!