Whitney Mixter And Rose Garcia Tell Us What They Really Want

Whitney Mixter and Rose Garcia

The stars of the Real L Word share what they are looking for in their potential date. Plus, find out how to make sure it’s you!

For those who haven’t heard the exciting news, we have teamed up with Club Skirts The Dinah and Mariah Hanson to host an exclusive “Win A Date at The Dinah” contest with two of the most controversial cast members of Showtime’s The Real L WordWhitney Mixter and Rose Garcia. And we couldn’t be more excited about this video competition.

We can’t wait to see what you create and then watch how everyone votes. You have a lot of power here and I can’t wait to see how you use it—do you set Rose and Whitney up with a girl who is going to be the next love of their life? Or do you match them up with someone they’re going to curse you for? We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime I sat down with both of the girls to give you the low down on what they’re looking for, what they’ve been up to, and what a perfect date is all about.

Before speaking with Whitney, Rose warned me she might ask me out. Keep in mind that Whitney and I spoke over the phone, so I figured that if I was asked out it wasn’t going to be for my irresistibly sexy interview voice, but more based on some sort of innate impulse we’ve come to love about her from watching The Real L Word. Whitney Mixter

“Whitney,” I said, “The Curve readers are going to be competing to win a very special date with you at Club Skirts The Dinah. What are your thoughts on this video battle?” I’ve called her at her house in L.A. and I can hear her dogs in the background. This is endearing. She tells me she’s so excited. “It’s going to be so much fun, I’m sure. I’m excited to see who comes out for the contest and see how creative people can get.”

If Whitney were judging, she’d put a lot of value on creativity. This has to be expected by someone who creates monster masks for a living. She tells me, “I would want to see personality and spunk. You know I always put high value on creativity.” We do know, as we’ve the very creative way she balances lots of cute lady loves, a job, and dread maintenance.

I ask her about the perfect date. She says, “The perfect date would be an outdoor concert, dinner, and then maybe going somewhere and painting our bodies and making art on a canvas. Building something together would be fun.

“I wonder about body painting at The Dinah, and am pretty sure that I might’ve seen a vat of chocolate sauce outside of a hotel room once. However, there’s lots of art in the form of tattoo sleeves and body piercings. The last time I was there I saw a tattoo of a giant uterus on someone’s back. So, perfect!

Making a video isn’t easy so I ask what the lucky winner can expect in return. “She can definitely expect wild times, lots of laughter, and….” Whitney laughs, turns coy. “I think we have to take it one step at a time but I can always assure a good time and laughter.”

She went on to tell me that she’s attracted to girls who are laid back and comfortable with themselves. She said, “I want to be able to have fun whether we’re skydiving or in a room with blank walls.”

Even people who are comfortable with themselves get nervous, especially if the dateis with a reality TV star. She said, “You know, it’s totally understandable. You don’t know me and you might be nervous. I try to make girls as comfortable as possible and I really try to eliminate all awkwardness or nervousness.”

But, I say, what if there are cameras and mean looks from Romi or Tor? Romi always has that scary earring in her left ear. “There’s no pressure for anything, “ She says, “It’s all about kicking back and having a good time.”

If there’s anything that sums up The Dinah, it’s that. “The Dinah is one of the most fun experiences you can have all year. You walk in and it’s like a utopia for lesbians with the partying, the girls, the music.

The good thing about going out on a date at The Dinah there is that it’s laid back. There’s no pressure or anything and everyone is there to have a good time. Friends are around but there are plenty of places to go if you want to be alone.”

Well girls, there you have it. You want some alone time with Whitney Mixter? Here’s your chance—just convince the rest of us. We’ll be watching.

Is Rose thorny and untameable, or just misunderstood? For the scores of women who rail against her, there’s an immeasurable amount defending her against them. Whitney told me, “The interesting thing is, a lot of people think Rose is an asshole and abrasive.

I must say that Rose—aside from being one of my closest friends—is the most generous, kind-hearted person you’ll ever meet. She’s a big softie, honestly.”Rose Garcia

When I get the big softie on the phone I get straight to it and ask about her response to how she’s been received. “I have a lot of regrets in the sense of how I treated Natalie and in regards to the way I handled certain things. If I didn’t go through the experience of being on the show I would never have seen the way I can be.

Going through it all and seeing myself, I was like, wow. Wow—you’re just a total asshole. So it made me dig a little deep and make some changes. I had to relive it all over again.”

I ask her what it’s like to be on a date with her. “I’m a huge romantic. Super over the top. Especially when it comes to the first date, I want to make it the most memorable experience this girl will have. Regardless of what, it’s going to be the best date of their life. Guaranteed. I’m gonna ruin it for every other girl that comes after.

I’ve always been a big dater. I really want to lay it on thick. When it’s cheesy romantic, that’s what I’m all about. Whoever goes on this date is going to be blown away. That’s why I was so excited when Mariah (Hanson from The Dinah), told me about the idea. I was all about it. I was like, you know what? I’m so excited to take a girl out and show her an amazing time.”

What’s great about being at The Dinah for a date? “Here’s the thing—The Dinah is insane. You meet many future exes there. It’s such a fun experience. You know, when I was single I’d hook up with girls, have a good time, end up being friends or being more.

For this date we’re going to do a little bit of a party aspect, a bit of romance, and then take it back to the party. Whoever goes on this date is going to have the best of both worlds for sure.”

I ask her what kind of girl she’d be looking for in the video, if she could pick. She told me, “What would stick out to me is personality. I want someone who I can vibe with. I want to see that they’re interesting. So that we can get through awkward moments—even though it won’t ever be like that with me. I’ll make sure that it’s fun.

If there’s any nudity I’d appreciate that as well—no, I’m kidding.” She laughs and then drops this bomb on me—she has a girlfriend. “My girlfriend is willing to loan me for this date. I have a rule book and I’m supposed to follow the rules that week. “

A rule book at The Dinah? I give her a hard time about it. She laughs and said, “You know what, Jillian, ‘cause here’s the thing—this let’s me, without getting in trouble, go on a date. That’s what I’m looking forward to—cheating but not really cheating.”

Rose! That’s my girl.