Just So You Know

lesbian parenting

I have to remember it is 2014, and times have progressed more than I’d thought!

It’s hard to believe that I have been home with Maggie for a year and a half already. It’s been the most fulfilling and, at times, the most frustrating experience of my life.  But when Maggie turns two this summer, we’ll both begin another adventure. She’s headed to a daycare/preschool program and I’m getting back into freelancing.

Finding a suitable daycare/preschool for Maggie was not an easy task. I wanted a place that offered plenty of play but also education, discipline and socialization. A friend of mine sends her child to a church-based daycare.

Although the daycare and church are actually separate, I had my reservations. I knew going into “operation search for daycare/preschool” that I was going to have to ask how the whole “two moms” thing would fly with owners, teachers and even other parents.

And let’s be honest, when you hear the word “church” you don’t often associate it with the phrase, “welcoming to homosexuals.” I know that I am draping a rather large stereotypical blanket over churches and religions in general, but it’s with good reason. I’m just trying to protect my family.

So, I decided to “pass” on the church program and opted for a diverse school not too far away from my house. I received a lot of referrals from friends who loved the program and exchanged a few e-mails with the owner.

She was very friendly and suggested that my wife and I come in for a face-to-face meeting and a tour of the facility. I gladly accepted, but not before I let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

“Just so you know, Maggie has two moms,” I said. “Is that going to be an issue?”

“That’s great!” The owner replied happily (much to my surprise). “We have a few children of same-sex parents here. My daughter is also the leader of her Gay-Straight Alliance group at school.”

I felt sheepish. It is 2014. I guess having two moms isn’t that big of a deal anymore. When I told my friend that I had found the perfect place for Maggie and that they welcomed two moms with open arms, she told me that the church-based daycare does as well. I felt even more sheepish after that.

Sometimes, I overthink it. Sometimes, I look for an issue when it isn’t there. As much as I want to protect Maggie from discrimination, I also know that I have to show her that discrimination isn’t everywhere you look. I guess daycare/preschool is a good place to start.