Tech Girl: Tasty Tech


Hey foodie dykes, enhance your cooking experience with these 10 tantalizing tools.

Do lesbians love to cook? If you’ve ever been to a lesbian potluck or watched a single episode of Top Chef, then you know that lady lovin’ ladies know their way around the kitchen. And what dyke worth her Cat Cora fan club card doesn’t love a kitchen gadget? So, here are 10 food-friendly devices and accessories to help bring out the fabulous foodie in you.

1. Set It and Forget It

Love to grill but hate feeling shackled to the BBQ? Set yourself free with Brookstone’s Grill Alert Talking Meat Thermometer. This wireless belt clip monitor keeps track of your cooking temperature and alerts you when your entrée has reached the optimal heat, so you’re free to schmooze with guests—especially the hot ones. ($70,

2. The Scientific Method

Do the words spherification, gelification and emulsification set your queer little foodie heart  a-flutter? Good news: The Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit comes complete with perfectly proportioned chemicals, a set of tools and a DVD featuring 50 recipe demonstrations to help get you started making dynamic delicacies like arugula spaghetti, beet foam and self contained mojito shots. Mmm—the future tastes amazing. ($80,

3. A Steel Solution

Garlic and onions smell great in the pan, but not on your hands, and anyone who’s tried to wash a pesto masterpiece off their paws knows soap and water is just an exercise in oil factory futility. Here’s a pro-tip: Rub your hands on Uncommon Goods’ soap-shaped stainless steel bar to avoid sending your dinner dates running from your touch. ($14,

4. Precision Machine

In the future, all our meals will be cooked by efficient—if socially awkward—robots (think Rosie or C-3PO). But for now we’ll have to be satisfied by letting one very special robo-friend lend a helping hand, head, foot and torso. The Robocup is a quirky solution for all your measuring needs. Stacked together it’s an adorable robot; taken apart it becomes measuring cups. ($8,

5. Espresso Yourself

Espresso for one has never been easier, portable or more hands on than with the Handspresso, which uses technology and little elbow grease to create an ideally portioned and delicious cup of espresso for one. Just pump it up, add hot water and enjoy. ($135,


6. Handle It

Ever cut your finger digging around in that plastic and metal mire you call a utensil drawer? Consider that problem solved with Think Geek’s Click ’n Cook. This 5-in-1 kitchen utensil features a stainless steel storage block, an ergonomic handle and five interchangeable spatula heads including: classic flat spatula, long and flexible slotted spatula, extra-wide slotted spatula, flexible mixer, and a slotted spoon. Click and get cookin’. ($35,

7. Chop of the Line

The perfect solution for cooking novices or intensely detailed lezzie cooks, the OCD Chef Cuttingboard promises precision chopping every time by providing exact measurements and precise angles. Etched into the surface are lines and explanations to guarantee you won’t end up with allumette when the recipe specifically called for brunoise! ($25,

8. Shelf Life Insurance

Ever wondered how long it’s been since you opened that bottle of ketchup? Thrown out some hummus that may or may not have been around for a few days? Stop wasting money by tossing ambiguously aged food out with the DaysAgo Refrigerator Timer. These suction cup backed gadgets take the guesswork out of dating your leftovers. ($8,

9. Kitchen Counterpart

Like and iPod for your recipes, Demy is the world’s first kitchen-safe digital recipe reader and will allow you to consolidate all your favorite recipes and learn hundreds more all on one sleek, splash-resistant device. ($200,

10. Souper Hero

What’s better than a cup of hot homemade soup? One that took little to no work to create, which is where the Personal Soup Chef comes in. Like a Crockpot, the Personal Soup Chef requires you to add the ingredients and set it to cook, but unlike a Crockpot the food processing blades in the chamber automatically chop vegetables so there are no dirty knives, cutting boards or pots to worry about. ($200,