An Invitation To Make Music

An Invitation To Live Creatively And Make Music

The music we make can break down barriers.

The American writer Elizabeth Gilbert says that we should make our art whether or not we are earning a living through our creative work. She goes on to say, “The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.”

I want to begin here because our community is filled with artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers… The list continues to grow as I ponder these wonderful individuals who share their artistic gifts with others. I have searched high and low for female musicians who are making a difference in the music world, the LGBT community and other minority groups, and the list of names are endless.

It makes me think of Sally Whitwell making her mark in classical and choral music in Australia, and classical guitarists like Sharon Isbin who is make a difference in the lives of guitarists in America. Which of us has not lined up for a Pink concert, or k.d. Lang, Missy Higgins, and many others? Don’t even get me started on the endless music created by lesser-known female artists around the world.

Let’s create new music; give our fears and insecurities a back seat and say, “fear – you have to wait now, I am busy making music, making the world beautiful.” The music we make can break down barriers, reach that one individual whose life will be changed forever if we keep sharing the message our hearts created.

I want to share with you the captivating music of musicians like Alexandra Stréliski, a pianist and composer from Montreal; Christina Green, a songwriter, performer, and composer from Melbourne, Victoria; and so many others.

There is an entire world of electroacoustic music created by amazing women, which you will utterly enjoy from the first moment you come in contact with the first sounds in your mind and body.

As female artists, we have so much to offer to our community, colleagues, friends, and family.

Do not allow your music to collect dust on the bookshelf, piano or music stand. I want all female musicians in the LGBT community to continue to experiment with new sound, make new music, and bring it to our live venues for all of us to hear.